Two Sony NEX 3n Reviews – Earn’s Phoblographer’s Editors Choice Award

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Here’s a couple of reviews on the Sony NEX 3n, the company’s new entry level mirrorless camera system.  The first is from endgadget (video above) and the second comes courtesy of thePhoblographer (excerpts below).

As an entry level system, the NEX 3n does lack some of the features that you would find on a more robust (and expensive) camera body, such as an electronic viewfinder, hotshoe adapter and mic input, but the image quality provided by the 3n’s APS-C sensor and it’s $448 USD price point should make it a popular choice for those looking to move into an interchangeable lens camera system.  In fact, the folks at thePhoblographer were so impressed with the NEX 3n that they gave it their Editors Choice Award.

NEX 3n Tech Specs

  • Full HD 1080/60i/24p or 1080/30p MP4 movies: Record stunning high quality Full HD video4 in either 60i or 24p frames per second. Records in your choice of 60i/24p Blu-Ray quality AVCHD format, or in PC-friendly 1080/30p MP4 format.
  • Built-in flash built into compact body: Perfect when an extra burst of light is needed to get the shot, the built-in Guide Number 6 flash combines with high ISO sensitivity to enable shooting in just about any setting.
  • Up to ISO 16000 sensitivity: With a new Exmor sensor that features the same adaptive noise reduction technology from Sony’s flagship SLT-A99V, the NEX-3N easily offers a wide range of sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 16000.
  • Newly designed anti-slip grip: Perfect for self-portraits or casual snaps, the natural form ensures quick, comfortable handling and makes the camera easy to carry around. In addition, the textured grip prevents slipping even when shooting one-handed or when using exceptionally large lenses.
  • Picture Effect modes: The NEX-3N includes 15 effects that can be applied to photos or movies, giving you the means to vastly expand your artistic repertoire. The ability to view effects in real-time on the LCD screen before the shot lets you experiment with different looks until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Photo Creativity feature: NEX-3N provides easy access to most Picture Effect settings as well as controls for Background Defocus, Brightness, Color and Vividness. Just activate Photo Creativity, choose the appropriate item then adjust while viewing in real-time on the LCD screen.
  • Superior Auto mode: Use Superior Auto mode to shoot photos and movies with the ease of a compact digital camera. In this mode, the camera recognizes the current shooting environment then adjusts settings for optimal results.
  • Anti-Motion Blur mode: Corrects for subject movement to capture amazingly clean and sharp images in low light. The camera leverages the large, APS-C image sensor and captures six images in a fraction of a second. Combining the data from all six creates a single image that minimizes subject blur.
  • Hand-held Twilight Mode: Get cleaner and sharper nighttime pictures beyond the capability of traditional cameras without using flash or a tripod. The camera leverages the large, APS-C image sensor and captures six images in a fraction of a second.
  • Face Detection/Smile Shutter: Set NEX-3N to recognize faces and smiles. Face Detection locates up to eight faces in a composition then adjusts exposure, white balance and other settings based on these faces. Smile Shutter – adjustable in three levels – automatically takes a shot when smiles in the scene are at their brightest.
  • Creative Style: Tailor the look of photos and movies before shooting. Choose from one of six settings – Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset or Black & White – depending on the scene or your creative intent.
  • Speed Priority Continuous mode: Freeze fast-moving subjects by shooting at up to 4 fps. This is the ideal solution for photographing sports, children at play or other action.
  • Up to 480 Shots of battery life: Take up to 480 shots on a single charge with Sony lithium ion Stamina battery power. Sony’s InfoLITHIUM battery system enables you to see the percent of power remaining, so you can keep shooting in confidence.
  • PlayMemories Home supplied software: Free, easy-to-use PlayMemories Home image management software automatically installs onto Windows PC’s for Sony Digital Camera users. View, organize, edit, retouch, print, burn to disk, share or upload to social networking websites.

Pros and Cons


– Excellent image quality

– Really nice video

– Light and very appealing feel to it

– People stepping up will love the zoom switch at the top


– Kit lens is poorly designed ergonomically

– Kit lens will vignette more than we’d like

– Sensor is noisier at high ISOs than we’ve previously seen


The Phoblographer’s Conclusion:

For the person getting into the mirrorless camera world, the NEX 3N is perhaps the best choice. Not only are the controls simple for the person who would use this camera, but the image quality is also really, really good except at the higher ISOs. But those people won’t mind them that much. The ergonomics and build quality also add to the camera–though higher end users may not like the zoom rocker, complete amateurs will totally dig it.

That, and the camera is just purely quite sexy. We highly recommend it and the NEX 3N is the winner of the Phoblographer’s Editor’s Choice for entry level mirrorless cameras. (Read full review on thePhoblographer)

My 2 Cents

The Sony NEX 3n is a great entry level mirrorless camera system that should have broad appeal.  Sony’s main strength lie with the excellent still photo and video image quality produced by their sensors, which are some of the best in the business.  I would have liked to have seen wifi, and where Sony NEX camera systems are lacking the most is in the rather limited selection of high quality native lenses that are currently available, but there should be enough here for the interchangeable lens beginner.

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