2013 Prediction – Hybrid Photography IS the Coming Trend

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Let’s face it folks.  Everywhere you look, there’s another person making a call on an iPhone or Android, or playing Angry Birds on an iPad or other tablet PC, and all those screens mean that BIG CHANGES are coming in the world of photography.

All these smartphones and their cameras have all but obliterated the point and shoot digital camera market, and as powerful and sophisticated, yet easy to use mirrorless camera systems become more affordable and the technology built in to these systems continues to advance, another paradigm shift is about to occur.

Whether you’re a pro photographer who has lost work because of all those powerful new cameras out there, or you’re a beginner or enthusiast who now has you hands on a new imaging machine and you want to get the most out of, one thing is certain…  in 2013, the line between still photos and video is about to become blurred, and the Smarter Photographer must embrace and capitalize on new ways of delivering products to their customers.

As MC Contributor Will Crockett of DiscoverMirrorless.com explains in the video above, the era of Hybrid Photography is upon us.

Here’s how Will puts it:  Did you see how cool these eProducts are? Easy, fresh, innovative ways of sculpting photos and video and audio into glorious eProducts are revolutionizing photography, for both pros and non pros. Photo innovator Will Crockett has assembled a team of photographers to show and share how they are transforming their images from “photos only” into a magical mixture of sight and sound that leaps off of any screen.
How do you learn hybrid photography?
How do you get started making these eye popping eProducts?
Join us! Our vlog posts are free, our premium streaming videos are inexpensive, and the ideas are plentiful. No matter if you shoot a fancy DSLR, mirrorless, pricey point and shoot, or even an iPhone – if you can shoot still photos and video come along.
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Thanks to Suzette Allen, Marc Hauser and Paul Gero for the use of their wonderful eProducts in this video.


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