5 Things GoPro Nailed with the Hero3 and Why You Need To Care (NOW)

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Chase Jarvis’ resident video guru Erik listed his top 5 features that GoPro nailed with the new Hero3.

Here’s what Erik has to say:  A few weeks ago when GoPro announced the new Hero3 cameras, we were lucky enough to be in attendance for the unveiling and even luckier to walk away from the event with a Hero3 Black Edition in hand – one of just a handful in existence.  To date, they have listened to feedback and made big improvements on each iteration of their Hero camera line and this is no exception.  The Hero3 Black Edition is a perfect example of their ingenuity.  Of course the image  quality has been improved and 4K is cool and all, but take a spin through the the 5 new features that I find most useful on the new Hero3.

#1 – WiFi Built in:  Not having a separate wifi back means you have one less thing to charge. When your GoPro kit consists of several wifi equipped cameras (that’s how we roll), this saves a whole lotta USB charging ports and a whole lotta charging mess.  This will make our spaghetti-looking charging station much tidier.

#2 – 1080p 60fps/720p 120fps (Black Edition Only): This is probably the most obvious and useful update on the Hero3, but seriously, most high end DSLR’s can’t do this.  GoPro has raised the bar in a big way with this addition.

#3 – The Frame: Less glass or plastic between your lens and your subject matter makes for better images, so I love that GoPro acknowledged that sometimes it’s best to shoot with their cameras “naked”.  Now you can buy a handy frame for the Hero3 that allows the camera to use all of the mounting accessories you’re used to using, without the need to keep the camera in the case.

#4 – LCD Touch BacPac: Touchscreens are becoming a given on new cameras, but I think GoPros are a shining example of cameras that benefit greatly from them.  The new GoPro touchscreen works like a charm and changing camera settings is a breeze with it.  I love that they also made and include a Touch Backdoor (get your mind out of the gutter) with the LCD so you can get all touchy feely while you’re underwater.

 #5 Flat-lens housing is the new standard.  Back in August, we went shark diving in South Africa and brought two Hero2′s in the water with us; one with the standard housing, and one with the dive housing.  The difference between the two was night and day.  The dive housing footage looked amazing while the footage from the standard housing, by comparison, looked like it forgot to put it’s contact lenses in.  When we compared the footage side by side, I asked out loud why the Hero2 doesn’t come with the flat lens as a standard feature.  I think they heard me.

So whether you’re on the GoPro tip or not, please take notice of this little company erupting into a real player in the world of action cinema. They’ve always had a soft spot in the hearts of many, but I can’t overstate the buzz on the street about these products and the future of this company. By listening to consumers and building products on with a vision and a timeline more akin to a software developer than a legacy camera maker, the potential to invent a new future is huge.  (Read full article and see sample pics on the Chase Jarvis Blog)

Check out the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Here


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