Are High Volume Photographers Going Mirrorless? “Coach” Will Crockett Talks at the PMA

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MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography “Coach” Will Crockett of stops by the Photo Manufacturers Association (PMA) as well as the CES Show in Las Vegas, NV to talk Hybrid Photography and why he believes that  “High Volume” Photographers (like School Portrait Shooters) should and will be turning to mirrorless cameras.

Will writes:  High volume photographers constantly face the challenge of becoming more efficient and need to find smarter ways to make more dollars per hour.  Volume photographers must be able to shoot high quality images at a really fast, rapid rate and many are seeking some guidance as they look to replace their dSLRs with a better solution.

I believe that many of the newer, smaller mirrorless cameras will work very well in high volume settings, and they are less expensive to replace every couple of years to boot!

Smarter volume shooters are are also recognizing the need to add video into their workflow (i.e. Hybrid Photography). The move from dSLRs to mirrorless and stills to hybrid may bring a whole new series of challenges as the volume photographer moves into what may be unfamiliar territory, but with each new challenge lies even greater opportunity as Hybrid becomes more popular.

If you are a high volume photographer, or you’re looking to be a high volume photographer, take note that hybrid and online sharing is going to get “hot” in the next year.  (Read post and learn more about Hybrid Photography on


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