Best Action Camera? GoPro Hero3 vs Drift HD vs Contour +2 vs Sony Action Cam

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Gizmodo took four of today’s leading action cams and put them in a head to head to head to head contest in a “Which Point of View Camera is the Absolute Best” Smackdown. In this test, the Gizmodo boys put the GoPro Hero3, the Drift HD, the Contour +2 and the Sony Action Cam to the test and compare their image quality, image stabilization, slow motion capabilities, audio quality, etc. (Read full article on Gizmodo)

When all was said and done, the cameras placed as follows:

4th Place and 3 Stars went to the Drift HD

3rd Place and 3 Stars went to the Sony Action Cam

2nd Place and 3.5 Stars went to the Contour +2

…and drumroll, please…

1st Place and 4 Stars went to the GoPro Hero3

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