Bower Canon Eos to micro four thirds m43 adapter with aperture control review

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If you’ve been thinking about moving over to a Micro 4/3 camera system but you’ve been putting it off because you have a large collection of Canon lenses, then we just might have the solution for you.

Mike Kobal shows off the Bower Canon EOS to Micro 4/3 lens adapter. As Mike states in the video, Micro 4/3 cameras seem to be the most adaptable of any camera category and can accept a wide range of lenses by using adapters. But be forewarned… any time you’re using an adapter, you may risk losing some of the lens’ functionality. That being said however, this Bower adapter appears to function very well.

Of course, you can also go all in like our good friend and MC contributor Giulio Sciorio ( and sell off all your Canon stuff so that you can take that money and splurge on some Micro 4/3 goodies… but that’s another story. ­čśë

Check out the Bower Canon EOS to M43 Adapter Here:


eladbari says:

i saw that toy [/industrial] little lens on your GH2.
Is it possible to mount such a tiny lens onto a 5D?
Its sucha magical lens, I had the chance to play with it on the GH1.. and´╗┐ i loved the blurryness+bokeh on the outer edges of the image that it made!

mike kobal says:

nope,´╗┐ all manual

photographerjonathan says:

do´╗┐ the Canon lenses auto focus with the adapter ?

wonderwall135 says:


dandobi says:

will the IS work on a gh2 with a IS canon lens?´╗┐ thanks for posting this

ickieestes12r says:

This vid is a favorite´╗┐ on Libya

DigitalVision2006 says:

Hi Mike. I’m having´╗┐ trouble REMOVING the adoptor´╗┐ from the lens. How

do you do it? Thanks

DigitalVision2006 says:

Hi Mike. I’m having trouble remove the adoptor from the lens. How
do you do´╗┐ it? Thanks

MrPlaystationboy says:

hey you should check out the Pentax 110 to Micro four thirds lens adapter , these lenses are a bit smaller then a average C-mount lens but there is nearly no vignetting when used on a mocro 4/3 body .and also they fill the whole screen so no need to crop
,,,you can get a set of 3 lenses AND a pentax auto 110 camera body for about 20-30$´╗┐ used on ebay

charld says:

Great I’ve been looking´╗┐ for something like this.

fvgotch says:

Wow´╗┐ I am impressed with the images.

mike kobal says:

cool, gotta check it out, if it works on the af100´╗┐ it will also work on the gh2 and vice versa

mike kobal says:

the lens´╗┐ has no aperture ring and is always at maximum aperture, the 50mm at 1.2, the 28mm at 1.8,
1 on the converter represents wide open (max aperture of the lens in use) and 6 corresponds to about 5.6 or 8 I would guess, yeah, you can buy it through my links from bh and they will ship to the UK

evilharb says:

Nice little gadget – can I ask one thing though? On the images it obviously says you’re using your 50mm lens but with varying apertures like´╗┐ aperture 4 or 6 – what was the setting on your 50mm for the shots? Just curious…Im thinking about getting one of these things – wouldI be able to get it through your blog link and shipped to the U.K. do you know?

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

Thanks mike great review as always. Philip Bloom reviewed a different adapter but I think that one is more´╗┐ for the AF100

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