Breaking News: Canon to Produce Super Small DSLR – Now I KNOW They’re Not Serious About Mirrorless

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When I read this news report, I found myself checking the calendar.  After all, April 1st is fast approaching, and when you really consider what Canon look to be doing, you are left with the feeling that you’re being punked.  Even Canonwatch seem to be skeptical as they bold the words “appears to be real” in their article.

Canonwatch Reports…

The extra-small DSLR Canon is working on appears to be real. A very trustworthy source sent me a list of specifications, and it appears that there are already prototypes out in the wild undergoing testing.

The spec list I got:

  • 18MP sensor (same sensor featured on the EOS M and EOS 650D)
  • DIGIC 5 image processor
  • Touchscreen similar to the EOS M (possibly same 3″ size)
  • 9 focusing points
  • A new hybrid CMOS auto-focus
  • 98% viewfinder
  • 6fps
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • EF and EF-S lens support
  • HD video

It looks the new DSLR will feature some of the technology that is already used on the EOS M.

(video above courtesy of TheCameraStore)

My 2 Cents (Note to Canon Edition)

Dear Canon,

I’ve said before in this space that I didn’t feel like you were taking mirrorless cameras seriously, and now I KNOW that it’s true.  When the EOS M came out, I (and I’m sure a lot of other people) had high hopes.  You make wonderful DSLRs and wonderful lenses to go with them, so I was licking my chops that you were finally going to enter the fray with a serious mirrorless offering.  Then, the EOS M was released and I soon came to realize that all you had done was to wrap a T4i in a small, bar of soap shaped package.  It was overpriced, and worse yet, it underperformed.  The result…  sales dwindled.

But you know what Canon…  I can forgive all of that.  It was your first effort after all, and there were some good things there too.  Things that you could build upon.  But if these reports are true, then it would seem that you’re scrapping the whole mirrorless idea and instead, you’re going to re-wrap those EOS M innards in a teenier, tinier T4i mini-me style body, and it looks like you’ve decided to take what you know best – DSLRs – and shrink ’em down to try to compete with those upstart mirrorless systems based purely on size.  While smaller size and lighter weight are two of the distinct advantages that mirrorless systems enjoy over DSLRs, I feel like the biggest advantage that they have is that they are, dare I say it, technologically superior in many ways.  The design of mirrorless systems isn’t based on 60 year old film camera technology, so they don’t have that pesky ol’ mirror getting in the way of some of their advanced functions.  That’s why they have come so far, so fast…  and that’s why they can deliver HD Quality still images that are now on par with your big boy cameras and outperform you in autofocus and in the video department.   But if you’d only apply yourself, I know that you can do great things, so lose the mirror.

I still have hope for you, Canon.  After all…  April 1st is fast approaching.


PS…  When is Ashton Kutcher going to jump out of the bushes?  (Oh wait, he’s Nikon).


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