Canon 5d Mark II vs Sony RX-100 – Head to Head

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Photographer Eduardo Merille posted a fun comparison of the Canon 5D Mark II and the Sony RX-100.

While I don’t think that the video is meant to imply that the RX-100 is better than the 5D-II in any way shape or form, I can’t help but noticing how well Sony’s little fixed lens wonder holds it’s own against it’s giant interchangeable lens cousin.

Hello, David…  meet Goliath.  ; )

What do YOU think?  Leave your comments below.

In the meantime, you can check out the Sony RX-100 Here


realdan8899 says:

u like worms and red crocs

furior says:

You pet these worms?

MyKeyReviews says:

I’ve had my RX100 for months now, fantastic little camera!

Also, very nice comparisons you have there. 🙂

dangkimetqua says:

Oh my god, rx100 win 😀

nukedplaza says:

Thank you for review

prophetforsure says:

But it is Macro.

holo bale says:

Hey, are you familiar with “Photo SFXart Tricks” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you will find a useful free video explaining how to make outstanding photographs. This made it easier for Daniel to shoot photographs which have a wow-effect while you look at them. Hopefully it will work for you too.

rinoskio says:


Shelly Singleton says:

Great examples…..comparison.

Equanocks says:

Keep in mind that most cameras perform really well in “easy” conditions i.e. good light. You’ll see major differences when the iso is 1600 and above. The 5d will blow the Sony away when the going gets tough. BTW, what type of plant are you growing there? Is it milkweed?
I noticed that those are monarch butterfly caterpillars (i think).

RicheUK says:

Hey great little video.

It just shows how technology is advancing, now we are seeing image quality from this compact being compared to DSLRs. I think that in itself said it all.

igetsmart says:

a nice little review. Bottom line is that not such a huge difference and it shows that the RX100 is just a marvel and a must have for street photography etc. Now the Mark II is a nice full frame but now days not the wonder that so many still make it out to be – see Nikon D600 for example how it blows it away for the money. Of course a full frame DSLR will blow the little RX100 out of the water in reality with some super glass etc. but the review made a good point how great the RX100 is

akira86chan says:

Great comparison. I think the rx100 is a great camera with the option to take it everywhere because of the size.

dfdtdfdx says:

in jpn, 5dm2 is only 2times pricier than rx100

Mike Thomas says:

I believe the “ghosting” is a touch of spherical aberration which the RX-100 seems to exhibit at wide-open (f/1.8). Leica guys (I’m one of them) call this the Leica glow :-).

I love my RX-100. Click my name to see my review.

Steve Deboo says:

I too have the 5d markII with 16-35 but for the same reason I also use the Sony HX9V which for the money shoots great video in 60p and the image stab is fantastic. I would like to try the RX100 but I cant see too much in the way of difference in the video to warrant the expense, the HX9V is a great little run and gun cam.

Tom Garshol says:

great review. Too dark image in the beginning though.

Luke Hero says:

I have a Canon 5DIII w/this lens plus a few more L lenses which is great of course. But if i’m out on holiday with a friend, at a festival or without my DSLR i’m soo pleased with what the RX100 can do. It really is an amazing camera. Well done Sony for this.

davejohn135 says:

Would have been much much more watchable had the subjects not been eeky caterpillars, I have insect phobias lol!

stefano nobile says:

my friend is too sharp than 5d mark 2????omg is true..

brusbyTube says:

RX100 seems higher contrast. Because of the Zeiss lens????

hswee2000 says:

Good review : )

Feudal Serfer says:

Great comparison. I own Nikon SLRs and 4/3 rds and must say the RX100 looks almost as good as the full framer at base ISOs.

dony524 says:

wish you woulda taken a pic with more white backround using the 5D so we could compare it with the distracting haze from the RX pics. good comparison tho. thx.

mikeosully says:

Nice comparison. Close image quality, given the gap in size and price.


looks good to me ps i love your PINK? shoes bro

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