Canon Mirrorless M vs T4i – Is There Really Any Difference Between the Two?

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From MikeTheMentor:  The Canon Mirrorless M is touted as a baby T4i. It has the same 18MP sensor, the same processor, the same awesome touch screen monitor and it even costs about the same price as a Canon Rebel T4i. So what is different about the two? Which one is better for what kind of shooter? What are the M’s strengths and weaknesses? Are the focusing systems really that bad? All these questions are answer by Michael, who has been shooting with both cameras for a while now.

Our take: The T4i, just like the T3i and T2i before it, is a fine entry level DSLR system.  Of course, our view here on MirrorlessCentral is that the future is in mirrorless camera systems, which are smaller but just as powerful (if not more) in most respects.  Mirrorless Cameras have closed the gap in terms of image quality on their DSLR cousins, and have surpassed them in many cases where autofocus and other features are concerned.  They’re generally easier to use and in our opinion are better Hybrid Photography Machines (in other words, better for shooting stills AND video vs one or the other).

Canon have produced a good camera in the EOS M, but when you stack it up against the competition, especially in the $800 to $900 USD price range, Canon are a day late and several hundred dollars over. After watching the Michael’s Video above, it seems our original assessment that all Canon have accomplished is to ditch the mirror and squeeze the guts of a T4i into a smaller body is correct.  But what they have failed to do is to incorporate the features and advances that have given today’s mirrorless cameras a distinct advantage over their DSLR counterparts – like blazing fast autofocus (especially in video). On the plus side, it does have a nice touch screen, but most of it’s rivals in this price range also have nice touch screens too, as well as built in EVFs.  And while the EOS M does produce nice video files, it’s lackluster autofocus performance nullifies that as a plus as well.

The EOS M has been a hot seller, but in our opinion, this camera is way overpriced. Especially when considering the extras and add-ons Michael mentions in the video above, which added up to about $1,500 USD.  Instead, we would recommend investing your hard earned money in a Panasonic Lumix G5 or Panasonic GX1 (only $450 USD, half the price of the EOS M and a real bargain at the time of this posting), a Sony NEX 5R or Sony NEX 6 or an Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2 or Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5.

If your heart is set on it, you can Check out the Canon EOS M Here. Otherwise, grab one of our recommended cameras >> Panasonic Lumix G5 (which is still small, but has a more DSLR-like form factor), Panasonic GX1, Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5, PEN Mini E-PM2, the Sony NEX 5R, Sony NEX 6.


Thanh Phạm says:

What lens it is at 4:10 ?

Thanh Phạm says:

it is before you cut your hair or after it grown ?

MichaelTheMentor says:

7D ROCKs for action shooting.

UberDurable says:

So the 7D is still the best one for action.

TheVicNeumann says:

Another great review. Love all the details and info. Which camera’s would compete against it in its class?

Ricky Jones says:

Excellent review Mike.

MichaelTheMentor says:

Thank you for your support! Lots of great videos coming!

ThisIzTheEdge says:

I just found you on YT a few days ago. Your videos are very well detailed and you explain things very well and thoroughly. Thanks for making your videos!!

Lamya Abdullah says:

You’re the best, very informative!!! I don’t mind having my T4i bigger as long it’s better and has more lenses.

MichaelTheMentor says:

I agree on the price. The M is a fine little camera, but for $800? Too steep. I think price will come down with time, Id be much more comfortable with the $400 range.

World2010Traveller says:

Thanks a lot.. am sure Canon users will find this very helpful. I would like to see videos of the way you process your RAW files if possible.. thanks in advance.

andrenj1970 says:

maybe just for you;)

euyoooo says:

hopefully we would have something like the 5d III packed inside one of these mirrorless cameras !
I don’t think it would this big problem for them to fit in a view finder and pop up flash in these cameras, also a full frame is achievable as well !!!!
also, they can develop battery grips for it as well. Olympus OM-d is of a perfect size to my taste !!! DSLR are huge, heavy n bulky and I always leave my 60D in the bag home cuz its very bloody heavy to carry everywhere

david levin says:

For the same money you can buy the EOS 60D from Canon refurbished !!

Lamya Abdullah says:

I like its portability, but I like my T4i better!!!

Jackson9797 says:

the t3i is the best!

andrenj1970 says:

get the eos 7d for the $;)

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

I have adapter to use my dad’s old Minolta lens on my Micro 4/3 cameras. Maybe there are third party adapters out now for the Canon M?

mucalinda says:

No EVF no good. These screens are very difficult to see in bright sunlight (and I don’t care how many million pixels they have). Since this camera relies heavily on the touch screen I wouldn’t consider this camera because you wn’t be able to use it a lot of the time.. While other manufacturers (such as Olympus, Fuji and Sony) are listening to punters, Canon continue to ignore what people actually want. Also no swivel screen and not great autofocus, so not great for street photography

Jelle Ruben says:

No mirrorless camera for me..

kamate2010 says:

Not same regarding video shooting! Eos M has no time limit.

MichaelTheMentor says:

G Series is definitely better. Manual focusing is workable, you just need to zoom in to see (I have a focusing video on the Mirrorless M on here as well). Its a great camera for street photographers because its so small and has so many features packed into it.

azuremain says:

Awesome review. Too bad they all still have moire/alising issues. Otherwise I would not have changed to my GH2 and prolly the GH3 later.

IndigoEyePhotography says:

So we’ve resigned to the fact that the EOS M’s autofocus isn’t good for moving objects. Is it any better than the Powershot S or G series though?

Also, how’s manual focusing? Is it workable, or are the lack of focus peaking and distance scale window deal breakers for street photographers?

AlmightyUniden says:

Thanks for that comparaison. Like some said, this would fit very well with my Mark 3 in my camera bag.

exile4ever says:

Michael you talk very precise and clearly.

Spade193 says:

Also you should make a video comparing the m to the sony nex-5

Spade193 says:

Wow what a great comparison, excellent job!

Dave Dugdale says:

Good point with the m actually costing more.

CBRd00d says:

Great review Michael! You described all the specs which are of interest to me – I’m considering it as a companion to my 5D mk2. Thanks for posting.

Poi159 says:

Thanks for the run down Michael! I would love to get a M camera but the price is just to high at the moment. I will stick with my PowerShot as a backup for my DSLR.

Thanh Phạm says:

I still love DSLR even though I’m using a Canon Powershoot 🙂

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