Carl Zeiss Touit Lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji X-Series – Preliminary Review

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Legendary lens maker Carl Zeiss is now hopping on board the Mirrorless Express with the introduction of their new “Touit” lenses for Sony NEX and Fuji X-Series camera systems.  This is especially good news for Sony NEX users, who until now have been hampered with a very limited supply of high quality native lenses, or with the prospect of using adapters to mount their large legacy lenses onto tiny NEX camera bodies (can you say awkward?).

Zeiss are launching the line with two lenses, a 12mm f/2.8 and a 32mm f/1.8, and the folks at CameraLabs got their hands on both to take them out for a spin.  Will these new lenses live up to the Zeiss name?

Here’s CameraLabs Preliminary Conclusions…

Overall both lenses were extremely satisfying to use. They looked serious and felt great – indeed I could rarely put them down for long without wanting to try them again. The 12mm f2.8 in particular is an exciting proposition as the widest prime available for Sony E or Fuji X mounts. The 32mm f1.8 has a tougher job on its hands though, especially for the Fuji X system which already has a highly regarded 35mm f1.4. Zeiss wouldn’t be drawn on quality comparisons, but it’s something I’ll happily do when I have both lenses at the same time.

They’re also priced competitively for high-end lenses: around $1250 USD or 900 GBP for the 12mm f2.8 and around $900 USD or 700 GBP for the 32mm f1.8, and rather than tease us, I’m pleased to announce Zeiss should be selling them in a matter of weeks or even days. (Read full article on CameraLabs)

My 2 Cents

The addition of Zeiss lenses to Sony’s NEX and Fuji’s X-Series camera lineups will no doubt fuel the fire of competition between these systems and the micro 4/3 offerings from Panasonic and Olympus, who have until now enjoyed a substantial advantage in the sheer number of high quality native lenses that are available for the line.  As far as I’m concerned, competition is always a good thing and I fully expect to see even more innovation, image quality and revolutionary systems to emerge from the mirrorless realm.  Stay tuned!


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