From PetaPixel: Looks like SDHC maker Transcend is getting in on the Wi-Fi Card party with their new 16 and 32 GB Wi-Fi cards. PetaPixel Reports: Just a few years ago, Eye-Fi was the only company at the wireless memory card party; now the dance floor’s starting to get a bit crowded. Transcend launched its own line of Wi-Fi SD cards yesterday, joining Eye-Fi, SanDisk, Toshiba, and PQI. The cards come in two capacities — 16GB and 32GB — and carry a SDHC Class 10 rating for transfer speeds, which is the same 10MB/s speed that Eye-Fi recently upgraded its [More]
(video above courtesy of tldtoday – features the Blue Microphones Spark Digital) Blue Microphones make some of the best quality studio condenser mics around, whether they’re for professional or home studio use. Endgadget just posted about the new Blue Microphones Spark Digital, which is compatible with your computer via USB or your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone (pictured below). Here’s what Endgadget says:  The final member of the Blue Microphones trio that we saw introduced back at CES is finally hitting shelves. Blue’s dual-connecting Spark Digital is now shipping from Apple and Best Buy with other retailers soon to follow. [More]
Another great review from Seattle based food photographer and blogger Paula Thomas, this time on the ThinkTank Retrospective 5 Shoulder Bag. Paula writes:  Until I purchased the Olympus OM-D, I’ve pretty much always used backpacks to carry my gear around in. The thought of carrying the weight of a large DSLR and heavy lenses on one shoulder didn’t seem comfortable and I always wanted to have the weight distributed with a backpack. Backpacks aren’t very convenient for changing out lenses and it’s pretty obvious you’re carrying camera gear when you’re wearing one. When I got the OM-D I decided I [More] posted a nice review of the ThinkTank Airport Security V2 Camera Bag. Here’s some highlights of the review: General Information and Dimensions Features Meets USA domestic airlines’ carry-on size requirements TSA approved combination lock secures the main compartment Security lock and cable built in to the frame Security ID plate and unique serial number Holds pro-DSLR and super telephoto lenses up to 600mm Emergency shoulder straps for occasionally carrying the bag as a backpack Front stretch pocket holds an optional case for 15″ or 17″ laptops Optional low divider set allows for up to 17″ laptop to fit inside [More]
MC Contributor and Pro Photo/Video Stud Will Crockett ( discusses the tools and methods he used on a recent shoot for a Chicago Cupcake Company that has caught the attention of Food Blogger Paula Thomas. Will writes:  I made friends with a very talented food blogger in Seattle who saw a small hybrid cupcake piece I made for a local baker. She, like most foodie bloggers, wants a speedy way to show the food for their posts. But when I read most blogs I always think of how much better the blogger can get their point across about the dining [More]
MC Contributor Giulio Sciorio ( takes a quick look at the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 2.0 and the Street Walker.  Think Tank is one of our favorite camera bag manufacturers, and we love the quality of their work and all the little details that are out into each bag.(View Post on SCBP) Get the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 35 2.0 and the Think Tank Street Walker Here
MC Contributor Giulio Sciorio ( reports on the new Manfrotto Klyp for iPhone. Here’s what Giulio Says… Today, Manfrotto introduced the Klyp system for iPhone 4/4s. The Klyp is a case for iPhone 4/4s that allows you to mount a LED light and tripod to your phone. This looks to be a great option for those that use the iPhone for video calls and making web videos. Strange that there is no iPhone 5 version but I suspect that there will be one soon enough. The Manfrotto Klyp is available in several different configurations, with or without LED lights and [More]
If you’ve been thinking about moving over to a Micro 4/3 camera system but you’ve been putting it off because you have a large collection of Canon lenses, then we just might have the solution for you. Mike Kobal shows off the Bower Canon EOS to Micro 4/3 lens adapter. As Mike states in the video, Micro 4/3 cameras seem to be the most adaptable of any camera category and can accept a wide range of lenses by using adapters. But be forewarned… any time you’re using an adapter, you may risk losing some of the lens’ functionality. That being [More]
Steve Huff of takes a look at the Olympus 75mm f 1.8 lens for Micro 4/3 Cameras. Steve writes: This is a gorgeous lens if you are looking for a fast portrait prime. Remember, a 75mm on micro 4/3 will equal 150mm equivalent so this is a long lens! This is a great portrait lens. It’s super sharp and produces creamy and gorgeous bokeh (blurred background). We’ve been very impressed with many of the Olympus M.Zuiko Micro 4/3 lenses and this one is definitely no exception. It produces high quality images in both photo and video (see Steve’s video [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( showcases the awesome new LED Ring Light, the Quantum Omicron. Quantum have been making some of the best lighting, flash, wireless controllers, photo meters, and all kinds of other gear for years, and the Omicron LED Ring Light is definitely no exception. Here’s Will’s Comments on the video: Snappy, snazzy, punchy, poppy ringlights are a part of my photographic style when shooting either DSLR or Mirrorless. For years I’ve used the ringflashes from Elinchrom and Profoto (still do!) but Quantum has introduced a hybrid ringlight called the Omicron that provides both flash and continuous LED [More]
Nauticam is a company that makes underwater housings for a wide variety of cameras. In the video above, a Sony RX100 fixed lens mirrorless camera is fitted with a Nauticam Housing and taken into the blue. We already know that the RX100 produces jaw dropping quality video (out of tiny, tiny body), but just how will this little wonder fare among the fish? Watch and see (and be sure to watch this in full screen mode). Editor’s Note: The RX100 is an impressive little camera and I am blown away by the clarity, vibrant colors, and even the bokeh that [More]
MC Contributor Giulio Sciorio ( takes a detailed look at the Olympus HLD-6 battery grip for the OMD EM5. The battery grip is highly recommended, especially for those with larger hands or who just want to get more images in one charge. It comes in 2 pieces, on which adds substantially to the grip of the camera and makes it much easier to hold, even with one hand. The other attaches to the bottom, adding a large battery and additional shutter release button and controls for shooting in portrait orientation. Check out the OM-D E-M5 and the battery grip below:
Mirrorless Central proudly welcomes award winning photographer Giulio Sciorio, of, to our lineup of official contributors. Giulio is a true pioneer in the mirrorless movement, and a year ago he ditched his big, bulky Canon DSRL gear and now shoots exclusively with mirrorless cameras – an Olympus OM-D E-M5, an Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1, and more recently, he’s been working a Fuji X-Pro1 into the mix. Read more about Giulio on our Contributors Page. In this in depth video “Pimp Yo PEN”, Giulio shows you how to pimp out your Olympus Pen with some stylish accessories. If you don’t [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( discusses an amazing photo/video editing tool called Pro Show (also available as a web based tool >> ProShow Web) and has some great advice for those wondering what memory cards to get for their digital cameras… and how best ti use them. Will writes: Photographers who prefer to shoot smarter instead of harder know that ProShow is a magnificent tool, toy, and money maker too. In this video clip from the popular “Pictures That MOVE” DVD, I share some quick tips on keeping sD cards happy for hybrid photo+video imaging, and shows how he uses [More]
Here’s a great little tool for pros who need to take high quality product shots or for all you ebay addicts out there who want a way to showcase your stuff in style. ePhoto offers this collapsible light tent, complete with color backgrounds that will make your stuff pop. The gear that we’ve used from ePhoto in the past has generally been of good quality, so this little tent is definitely worth a look see…  
Nate “Blunty” Burr (aka Blunty 3000) puts the Glide Gear DEV-1000 Video Track Slider through it’s paces. Is there finally an inexpensive video track slider that DOESN’T suck? Check out the video and see what Blunty has to say. Blunty writes: Sliders are a quickest, easy way to get those beautifully cinematic smooth moving shots to give your video some pro polish. but they’re not often cheap… the Glide Gear video slider IS cheap, but is it any good? Is it the best cheap video slider worth your hard earned cash? lets see if we can find out. For some [More]
Cameras, lenses, lighting, software, gadgets… what 3 photo tools do our panel of pro photographers wish they started using sooner? In this hangout video, photo innovator Will Crockett from invites four of his picture pals to share their answers to this question. Hybrid imaging pros Giulio Sciorio (, Chuck Jones (, Carol Schlintz ( and Tom Curley ( chime in with great info (and a few laughs!) on how you can avoid the mistakes they made as they honed their photo skills. The smarter photographer makes better pictures, so hop onto this free video from There’s plenty more [More]
Matt Granger, aka That Nikon Guy is yet another fan of the Olympus OM-D E-M5, and it’s optional grip. Matt writes: I love the OM-D, but I wouldn’t use it without the handgrip.
Atomos CEO Jeromy Young goes to Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany looking for clean HDMI output DSLRs (and DSLMs!) that are compatible with the new Ninja-2 Hard Disc Video Recorder. Although most of the cameras he demos are DSLRs, we noticed that the Panasonic Lumix GH3 makes the cut. Another indication that Panasonic’s new Photo and Video Beast is ready for Prime Time!
Gariz is a South Korean company that specializes in what very thoughtfully-designed and well-built accessories for mirrorless digital cameras, like the Sony NEX-7, Olympus OM-D E-M5 and the Fuji X-pro 1. The accessories include soft-release, finger straps, half body cases, and some specialized system bags. Check out some Gariz Gear below:
Zacuto Product Designers, Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn recently got their hands on a prototype of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, and it looks like the boys were mightily impressed with the newest addition to Panasonic’s GH series of Micro 43 cameras. Watch as they take you through some of the cameras specifications and rigs and accessories. For more information and to check out some of the cool gear displayed in the video, visit: To watch the movie by Philip Bloom and Bruce Logan that was shot with the GH3 >>CLICK HERE
Looks like SONY’s letting the cat out of the bag a little early this year, and here’s some of the latest news as we head into Photokina 2012. A HUGE RANGE of new gear from Sony has just been announced, including the RX1, SLT99 and a 300mm f2.8 – plus new pro grade video gear! Here’s another highly anticipated camera from SONY that has just been released:
Will Crockett of discusses what he sees as a shift in the Pro and Enthusiast Photography World. Are DSLRs on the way out in favor of smaller and less expensive yet highly sophisticated mirrorless camera systems with BIG Image Quality and HD Video Capability? Will writes… We have been nice and busy here working on a few really inspiring consulting projects with the “new breed” of camera systems. We are mezmorized by their small size+low cost+BIG image quality. Dunno if you have noticed, but the mirrorless (aka Compact System Cameras) are making impact with consumers and starting to get [More]
Will Crockett previews a new hybrid LED video light from Manfrotto that can also be used as a flash.  Cool stuff for your mirrorless and M43 systems! Here are some of the latest LED offerings from Manfrotto: