Kai Wong, Alamby and Lok C of DigitalRevTV are on the road in London, England.  Their mission…  to shoot 10 locations in 48 hours, using both old analog film cameras as well as modern digital cameras.  As always, traveling with the DigitalRev crew is loads of fun. DRTV writes… In this video, DRTV does London…and in typically British-fashion: it’s cold and drizzly. Still, the team are challenged to visit 10 locations in less than 48-hours. On the first day, they have to use crumbly old film cameras from a very long time ago. They struggle with the idiosyncrasies and Lok [More]
Light Trails, or the streaky red glow of auto tail lights in your images, is one of the most popular effects in photography.  It’s also one of the easiest effects to create, provided you follow a few simple techniques. Here’s a great tutorial on How To Photograph Light Trails, courtesy of the folks over at PictureCorrect. All you’ll need is a tripod (or a way to keep your camera steady to avoid blurry images) and a camera that will allow you to adjust it’s shutter speed.  Find a place near a road (where you won’t get hit by passing traffic [More]
I’m a big believer in passion.  To me, passion is the stuff that makes life worth living, and if you’re not living your dream (at least part time) then you’re not really living at all.  So when I ran across the incredible video above about “Fighting for Your Passion” (by Devin Graham), I knew that I just had to share it with you. Devin Graham creates Youtube videos for a living. These aren’t your run of the mill Youtube videos where some nut job launches into an angst ridden rant while perched in front of the web cam in their [More]
Kai and the DRTV crew are back with their Pro-Tog Cheap Camera Challenge, where one professional photographer gets one cheap camera to do a photo shoot. This time around, it’s US Pro Photographer Douglas Sonders armed with a cheap HK-made camera that doesn’t even have a viewfinder. Well, the viewfinder has been smashed to pieces. Just how will he make out with just 2-hours to shoot? These challenges are always entertaining.  Enjoy!
Are you a BIG VISION filmmaker who’s working with a small budget? Never fear, because the gang from Vimeo Video School (video above) are here with three incredible tips on how to achieve BIG TIME production value without a BIG TIME BUDGET.  All it takes is a little creativity, and some clever shooting techniques. Enjoy!
One of the things we like best about GoPro’s Hero Action Cameras is that there seems to be no end to their applications and to the truly unique and extraordinary shots that you can capture with them.  All you need is a little imagination. The video above, Marc Donahue of Perma Grin Films shows off some of the coolest uses of a GoPro Hero (or I should say – GoPro Heroes) that we’ve seen in quite some time. For the first effect, Marc uses an array of GoPro Hero cameras mounted on (at least) two DIY rigs – a small rig [More]
This is so good that I thought that hte guy who was proposing was gonna be Liam Neeson 😉 Consider this an open thread… (Via FStoppers) A Polish man proposed to his girlfriend by creating a fake horror movie trailer. Not just fake, but actually pretty good. The video was made by combining snippets of scenes from “The Grey,” “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Essential Killing” and dramatic music to give that finish touch. His unsuspecting girlfriend went to the movie theater with 2 of her friends, not knowing that night will change her life. Seeing her face when she realizes [More]
Did you know that Youtube now gives you the ability to easily upload photos (yes…  photos) to create basic hybrid slideshows? It seems that Google’s popular video hosting service isn’t just for videos anymore, and Petapixel posted an article demonstrating Youtube’s new Hybrid Creation Tool. Petapixel reports… “[Youtube] has a special feature designed just for photo slideshows. If you’ve never considered using YouTube for photos, you may have never noticed the option, but it’s right there on the Upload page. Click it, and you’ll be asked to select the photos you’d like to use for the slideshow. This can either [More]
(Via thePhoblographer)  Here’s a fun infographic from Simply Bridal (below) that helps you to figure out what type of wedding photographer you are. It includes a mixture of the most classic of all wedding shots – each covered in 3 different styles (which one is closest to YOUR style?).  For something a little different and for a bit of extra inspiration, we’ve also included Marc Silber’s interview with award winning Wedding Photog Anna Kuperberg (above).  Finally, at the bottom of the page is an in depth checklist of wedding shots (also from thePhoblographer). What’s Your Style? Wedding Checklist
In typical Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge fashion, Kai and the DRTV Crew take one pro tog and give them a cheap bit of equipment to use for a shoot. DRTV writes… “This time, we have got perhaps the most influential photographer of our time: Vincent Laforet. He’s well-known for his tilt-shift work, but what happens if we give him a cheap tilt-shift challenge?” For more about Vincent Laforet, Check out these resources: Website: http://www.laforetvisuals.com/ Blog: http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/vincentlaforet Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/laforet  
In the latest Edition of DigitalRevTV, Kai and crew set out to duplicate the Facebook profile photo of ProTog David Hobby. As is usually the case with the DRTV gang, this is all good fun – but creating a copy of your favorite photos can be a great way to learn lighting and photographic techniques. So challenge yourself this week.  Go pick out a photo that you like and try to duplicate it as best you can. When you finish, please post a link to your doppelganger masterpiece in the comments below – we’d love to see it!
Pro Photographer Dave Dugdale tells the story of traveling from Sea Level to 10,000 feet to capture the perfect shot for his website.  Great story, great tune and great images…  (the first 8 seconds have me considering a move to Maui ~_^). Enjoy! Here’s how Dave tells the story… “On my vacation to Maui I wanted to capture one awesome photograph that I could use on my about page on my site. I had found an awesome shot on 500px by Eric Kraus http://www.facebook.com/erickrausphot… http://www.500px.com/photo/4504335 that inspired me to make the journey to the summit of Haleakala (thanks to Eric [More]
Ever wondered how to capture those cool, “extreme” looking skateboard, snowboard bmx bike, etc. shots?  Here are some tips and insights from seven top skateboard shooters that can be applied to any extreme sport, or even not so extreme sports – like your kids jumping into the pool or on a trampoline.  — Enjoy! (Source – PictureCorrect.com) 1.  Jon Humphries (Video at Top) – Humphries has a unique ability to freeze the skaters mid-action as they display all the grace of a ballet dancer and the grit of an extreme athlete.  Much of Humphries work is in black and white, [More]
PetaPixel compiled a group of stop-motion videos shot by people residing on the East Coast of the United States, who were battered by a brutal winter storm called Nemo.  The storm’s heavy snowfall and hurricane-level winds resulted in multiple feet of snow piling up in many areas that were among the highest totals recorded in history, including one town in Connecticut that saw 40 inches!   Here is a collection of videos created by snowbound folks who decided to point their cameras out their windows to capture beautiful time-lapse videos that show how quickly the snow piled up. The first [More]
Here’s a cool video from the photographers of MUMUȘ Photo Hub in Bucharest, Romania, who decided to do some street portraits, but with a little twist.  The crew took their backdrop and lighting gear onto a crowded walkway not far rom their studio, but they left one important thing behind…  The Photographer! Instead of having the camera right on top of that action, the street photographer in this case, was actually a roof photographer – as he took a position on the roof of the MUMUS Photo Hub Studio some 200 feet away and 5 stories up.  The results are [More]
(Via PetaPixel) For your enjoyment…  Here are two stunning videos captured by two different photographers who managed to get once in a lifetime shots with a full moon as the backdrop. PetaPixel Reports: Getting the perfect shot, from the perfect angle, with the perfect perspective, is an obsession of great photographers and videographers. This is because, although there may not be any one perfect angle from which to capture a moment, a few of them are leaps and bounds more impressive than the others. In the video above from NatGeo’s “The Man Who Can Fly” — a short piece on [More]