Still Photographers, take note. Photojournalism as we know it is dead and a new era of Hybrid Imaging, where traditional video is blended with audio and video, is upon us. Case in point, the DigitalRevTV Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge. In this edition, Pro Photographers Dan Chung and Scott Hui join DigitalRevTV’s Kai Wong for a romp around the city taking pics on their iPhone 5s. OK… we’re not suggesting that the iPhone 5 is going to replace your DSLR (although in many cases, it HAS crushed the point and shoot market), but just listen to the commentary from Kai [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( discusses an amazing photo/video editing tool called Pro Show (also available as a web based tool >> ProShow Web) and has some great advice for those wondering what memory cards to get for their digital cameras… and how best ti use them. Will writes: Photographers who prefer to shoot smarter instead of harder know that ProShow is a magnificent tool, toy, and money maker too. In this video clip from the popular “Pictures That MOVE” DVD, I share some quick tips on keeping sD cards happy for hybrid photo+video imaging, and shows how he uses [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett ( previews his all new video series, The Smarter Photographer. Will Writes: Aaaahhh, hybrid imaging. So cool. The skillful blend of still photos and video and audio and anything else we can cram into a file to make it leap off the screen. Any screen. From an iPhone or ‘Droid, to a sweet new iPad or even TV, as photographer we want OUR images to outshine any others. The SMARTER Photographer is a new online video series that keep you up to speed on the easier, faster, simpler and smarter ways to create hybrid images using [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett has gotten the news he’s been waiting for… 2 of his colleagues have sold their first eProducts! Hybrid Imaging is the wave of the future, and for many, the future is now. Over the next few years, we’ll see just how mirrorless cameras are making it easier for Photo/Video Pros to take advantage of new media and new methods of delivery. Here’s what Will has to say: As pros, we NEED to figure out how to make pictures that people want to buy for their iPhones and iPads and facebook pages. Give ’em what they want [More]
Mirrorless Central is proud to welcome Graham Nguyen of SurviveFight Productions on board as an official contributor¬†to the site (learn more about Graham and our other contributors). Although he’s only 19, he’s already a veteran photo and video shooter who’s been handling cameras since the age of 10.¬† He is blazing a trail in hybrid imaging, and we believe that his “Motion Portraits” represent the future of Senior Portrait Photography.   Here’s a couple more of Graham’s Motion Portraits below: Check an amazing new video series that is presented by world-class photographer and imaging expert Will Crockett and a panel [More]