Flickr has unveiled a “Spectaculr” new redesign, now offering it’s free users a “Biggr” place to put their files while sharing them “Wherevr” they would like – or as Flickr puts it “upload once, send to any device, any screen, any friend, and any follower.” Before the redesign, free accounts were capped at 2 videos and 300MBs worth of photos per month.  But now you can upload photos and videos to your heart’s content as each free user is now allotted 1TB (that’s a full terabyte) of storage, including photos of up to 200MB and videos of up to 1GB [More]
“The Best Camera is the one you have with you…” Say it with me now, folks.  I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating because the best (or at least, the most popular) camera in the world is in fact, the one you have with you. Case in point, Apple’s iPhone is now the most used camera in the world.  Just go to any concert or public event and you’ll be sure to see hundreds of people with their iPhones held high above their heads snapping pictures or rolling video (note:  if you’re rolling video, [More]
WiFi is the future, and the future is now! 2012 saw thew advent of the WiFi enabled camera.  We believe there are a lot more to come in 2013 and fully expect the technology to develop rather quickly over the next 12-24 months.  Personally, I’m excited about this because it opens up infinite possibilities for new and innovative creative effects that can be produced right in camera! Although there are still relatively few WiFi enabled cameras today, Sony boast 2 of them in the form of the NEX 5r and NEX6, and the company has just released 2 new apps [More]
HDR Photography is a hot ticket these days, and it’s hard not to love the rich colorful images that are inherent of the genre.  HDR Photography is a range of methods used to provide higher dynamic range from the imaging process by taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels and intelligently stitching them together to produce a picture that is representative in both dark and bright areas.  In other words, boosting the dynamic range of your images.  Though the process sounds fairly complicated, as technology advances, the once tangled processes that were necessary to create these beautiful images are becoming [More]
For those looking to bone up on the Photoshop Skills, B&H posted an excellent tutorial (above) by photographer (and highly skilled Photoshop Guy) Jeff Cable, who lectures on / demonstrates the top 15 tools that you need to know for quick and easy editing.  It’s almost 2 hours long, but it’s chock full of info and well worth the time if you really want to up your Photoshop game. Tools Included in the Video: Straightening – For those ever-so-slightly crooked pictures Exposure – This contains the highlight and shadow sliders allowing you to fine-tune your exposure Contrast – To give [More]
Here’s a short, but excellent How To video from the folks at Photoshop Tutorials that shows you, step by step, how to create 3 stunning photographic effects for your wedding pics.  Enjoy! PSTutorials write… Most wedding photographers use Adobe Lightroom to manage and retouch their photos. But there are times when they need to switch to Photoshop for more control over their photos. In this tutorial, you will learn three of the most common effects used by wedding photographers. We’ll show you how to access and use the hidden split-toning presets in Photoshop CS6, create high-contrast black and white photos [More]
I recently got together for a G+ Hangout with Sports and Portrait Photographer Carol Schlintz and LA Based ProTog Steven Lynch (who are a couple of my colleagues and fellow “Hybrid Heroes” from to talk about video editing basics and how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Steven does an excellent walkthrough of the basics of editing and how to navigate the Adobe Premiere Pro workspace. Although it’s technically a “Pro” tool, Adobe Premiere Pro is easy enough to be used by beginners, but it’s also chock full of advanced features that make it a perfect choice for those looking [More]
A short while ago, we were intrigued by an iPhone app called Cycloramic that allowed users to create 360 degree panoramic videos by placing their iPhone on a table, where the phone would spin itself around using it’s vibrate function. By popular demand, the makers of Cycloramic have included a panoramic photo mode, where the photos can be taken manually by the user or in the same self pirouette style (with the iPhone 5). Cycloramic is a cool little app that’s definitely a conversation starter, and it would seem that others agree… Awards and Accolades “Unexpected, fanciful, and useful all [More]
Ever wonder how the Avengers can fight all those epic battles in the heart of New York City without completely trashing the city?  In the video above, the crew from ILM (That’s George Lucas’ Special FX Super Company, Industrial Light and Magic) peel back the curtain to give us some insight as to how they were able to pull off some of the dazzling effects from last summer’s eye candy blockbuster. ILM Tells Us… Although roughly a third of “The Avengers” is set in New York City precious little was actually filmed there. ILM crew members photographed 7-miles of city [More]
Here’s a great video that walks through the basic set up and function of Transcend’s new Wi-Fi SD Memory cards. The Transcend Wi-Fi SD card is easy to set up, and you can use it to instantly add wireless capability to your digital camera.  When used in conjunction with the Free Transcend Wi-Fi SD Mobile App for iPhone or Wi-Fi SD App For iPad, you’ll be able to instantly view photos on your iOS devices, share on Facebook or email them to friends (also available for Android devices). The Transcend Wi-Fi SD card operates in 2 modes: Direct Share Mode [More]
In this video, Ed from theDigitalDigest takes a look at the Sony NEX-5R and does a great hands on walkthrough of it’s Wi-Fi and Smart Remote Control App systems (which are also available on the Sony NEX-6). Sony’s smart remote control app allows you to use your iOS or Android device as a real-time preview monitor and shutter control for your NEX 5R/6. Ed states that “While this may seem like a simple function, it is nothing short of revolutionary.” Sony proves WiFi isn’t just for sharing when it comes to the NEX-5R/6L. Enjoy! -TDD Although this video was posted [More]
Want to know what the future of image editing looks like?  Meet PixelTone…  and the future may be closer than you think. PetaPixel posted an article about this revolutionary new image editing app that’s not only in development, it’s already in the prototype phase.  With PixelTone, you can edit images using voice commands as well as using it’s “smart” features which will allow users to “teach” the app to identify user definable objects and people (using face detection).  It’s too early to tell what the final product will look like, but from what we’re seeing in the video, PixelTone could [More]
David Thorpe posted a great video walk-through demonstrating how to tether the Panasonic Lumix GH3 to an iOS or Android device via Wi-Fi and the Free Panasonic Lumix Link App. We have not tried out the Lumix Link App with Android Devices as of yet, but in our testing the wireless connection has worked extremely between the GH3 and an iPad or iPhone, allowing you to control several of the the camera’s functions using that device.  The Lumix Link App does so much (and so well) that you can sometimes find yourself forgetting that this is first generation technology.  I [More]
Gorillacam is one of the many great Free Photography apps for iOS devices, and now they’ve released an update that works with the latest iOS gadgets and operating systems. (via PhotographyBlog)  Joby, makers of the famed Gorillapod line of innovative tripods, have updated their iOS app called Gorillacam. Version 2.0 adds iOS 6 compatibility and new features (easier time-lapse/stop-motion videos), and comes with a brand new GUI. Additionally, the Time Delay, Rapid-Fire Shooting and Bubble Level features have all been upgraded for the new iPhone and iOS. Gorillacam 2.0 is a free app available on the iTunes App Store.
In a follow up to his excellent report on the Ultimate YouTube Vlogger Kit for DigiDIRECT TV, Blunty reveals two more of his Secret-weapons of Ultra portable photography editing and wireless publishing… All you need is your Camera, your Smart device, and these secret weapons… 1.  Snapseed – For Mobile Photo editing made quick, powerful & easy, Blunty likes the FREE Snapseed App from Nik Software (who’re now owned by Google, so it runs on Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod touch along with pretty much any Android phone and Android Tablet) 2.  Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards – which include geotagging, [More]
New from RØDE, the smartLav – a lavalier microphone that plugs directly into your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® Touch.  Can the smartLav provide professional quality audio recordings from an iOS device? Here are the Details from RØDE The smartLav is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications, from the boardroom to the pulpit, the car to the classroom. The RØDE smartLav uses a standard TRRS connection, which plugs directly into your Apple iOS device’s headset input. By employing an omni-directional capsule that picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, the smartLav can [More]
Angela Nicholson from DigitalCameraWorld gives a quick demonstration of the Wi-Fi functions of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, as she controls the camera with a smartphone via the Lumix Link App. The best part is that you don’t have to be on the internet for this to work, as the camera and smartphone will establish their own local network to link together and function. Wi-Fi and apps are in their infancy where photography is concerned.  That being said, Panasonic have done a great job with the Lumix Link App, which is well thought out and functions very nicely, but it should [More]
Isn’t technology wonderful?… These days, it seems like there’s nothing that your smartphone can’t do, provided that it’s armed with the right app – and the smartphone is now extending it’s influence into the world of photography. 2 iOS photography apps that act as remote triggers/intervalometers/multi-purpose controllers for your camera have risen to prominence in the last year, so we thought it would be fun to match ’em up, mano e mano, to see which one would come out on top. In the blue corner, from the same guy who made the Orbis Ring Flash,  it’s ioShutter™PRO (video below); and [More]
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image editing suites ever produced.  I’ve personally been using it since 1995, and I still don’t know everything it can do.  No doubt that Photoshop is excellent and a great tool for those who know how to use it, but it’s also quite expensive and has a steep learning curve.  But is there an alternative for those who don’t have the time to learn Photoshop or the money to afford it?  Out good friend, street photography ninja and MC Contributor Giulio Sciorio ( and has compiled a list of not one, [More]
(Via AndroidCentral) – Here’s a demonstration of Samsung’s Smart Camera 2.0 App from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) in Las Vegas. Smart Camera 2.0 allows users of Samsung’s Galaxy devices to wirelessly connect to their Samsung Smart Cameras and control the camera’s functions as well as sharing images directly to the internet or smart devices. Samsung are one of the first companies to incorporate “smart” technology into their cameras.  Of course, Samsung has a leg up on the competition as they’re also manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, so using the Android Jellybean OS on their Galaxy Camera was a [More]
Via DIYPhotography –  Looks like Adobe is unlocking the vault and allowing people to download and older version of their vaunted creative suite.  Granted, it’s not CS6, but the 2005 version (aka CS2) still kicks plenty of backside, and if you haven’t gotten into using Adobe’s tools, this is a great way to get your feet wet and learn the premier photo and video editing software on the planet. DIYP writes:  It is not the latest version, but rather the 2005 CS2 version, but it rocked back then and it still rocks today if you are looking for a free [More]
Via PetaPixel – Here’s a great video tutorial for those who are just starting out using Adobe Lightroom 4, which is one of our favorite photo editing (and now video editing too) tools. PetaPixel writes:  French photographer Serge Ramelli made this short 30-minute tutorial that teaches the basics of using Lightroom 4 to post-process your digital photographs. If you’re just getting into using Lightroom and shooting in RAW, it’s a helpful primer that will allow you to hit the ground running. Ramelli has a number of other Lightroom 4 tutorial videos, as well as a YouTube channel chock-full of helpful [More]
Following on from our review of the Sony NEX-6, Angela Nicholson of DigitalCameraWorld takes a quick look at its video and app functionality. The Sony NEX-6 is one of our favorite cameras of 2012 and it’s one of the first of what will surely be many Wi-Fi capable cameras.  Look for Wi-Fi and Apps to become the norm on cameras in the next two years, as I predict wireless “Smart Cameras” will transform the industry in much the same way as they did mobile phones. At $998 USD (with 16-50mm power zoom lens), this camera is aimed squarely at enthusiasts [More]
SLRLounge posted a great head to head test of their  ASUS G75VW-DS73 and their Apple MacBook Pro Retina for overall real-time video editing and output performance between our two machines within Adobe Premiere CS6.  Popular perception says that the Mac will be superior to the PC in virtually every way.  In an earlier test, SLRLounge tested the MacBook Pro and ASUS performance using Lightroom 4, where the MacBook Pro edged out the ASUS by a margin of around 10-15% due to the MBP’s faster CPU.  But will the tricked out ASUS, with it’s top of the line graphics card and [More]