(From PetaPixel)  Sony is continuing its campaign against the mindless use of DSLRs. After releasing a series of viral videos poking fun at inept DSLR users, Sony is now turning to facts and hard evidence (in addition to humor). The company recently did a survey of 1012 non-professional DSLR users, and the results are pretty interesting. The company found that roughly 2/3 of casual DSLR users never (or rarely) take their camera out of full-auto mode. 72% purchased their camera simply for fun and for family snapshots, and 65% of those aged 18-29 considered their glorified point-and-shoots DSLRs a status [More]
In this excellent edition of the Hybrid Hangout, host Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) welcomes special guest Jared Polin (FroKnowsPhoto.com) and Hybrid Heroes Giulio Sciorio, Marlene Hielema, Bill Burkholder and Carol Schlintz for a lively discussion of RAW vs JPEG and which is better to shoot in different situations. This is a highly controversial topic and there are hardcore advocates on both sides. Here’s Will’s description of the hangout: Both JPEG and RAW file formats are good these days, but they are very different. When is it a good idea to use RAW, when is it best to shoot in JPEG, what [More]
Marlene Hielema (ImageMaven.com) posted an excellent article on DiscoverMirrorless.com highlighting what she calls the “3 Essential Ingredients for Hybrid eProducts.” Marlene writes:  For great looking, easy to make and edit eProducts, you need to get everything right “in camera”. To shoot video you need to let go of the attitude that many inexperienced raw shooters take – the shoot-loose, auto-everything, fix-it-in-Lightroom mentality. The key is in the capture! There’s no room for error. If you can shoot perfect jpeg files now, then video capture will be a cinch for you. If you are new to video capture and want to [More]
From DSLR Gear No Idea. A hilarious series of videos showing the pitfalls of those who are married to their DSLR Gear and refuse to look at anything else. Consider this an open thread (and an intervention ~_^)… See if you can recognize yourself in any of the following:
MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) is a world class pro shooter who uses both DSLRs and mirrorless and has loads of tips for you. Will writes:  Serious photographers are facing a serious choice when they are looking to move up to a new camera that shoots stills and video. Sure just about all DSLRs, as well as mirrorless camera systems, capture still photos and video clips, but how do you know if you should spend big on the DSLR, or save a bit and move into the easy-to-use mirrorless camera systems?  In the video above, Will explains his take on [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com), a pro photo and video ninja that we call “The Paul Revere of the Mirrorless Revolution”, and in this video, he shares a fantastic idea that illustrates just how the new era of Hybrid Photography is going to change the way photos…  and videos for that matter, are taken and delivered. Will writes:  Ready for a great idea on how to make a low cost, high perceived value hybrid eProduct that Moms will melt for? Suzette Allen and I have been cooking up ideas on how photographers can use hybrid imaging concepts with any camera [More]
MC Contributor and Photo/Video Ninja Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) talks about “eProducts.”  This is the next generation of delivery for your photos and videos (and the fusion of the two), and as the digital age spreads farther and wider, you’ll see more and more people moving away from whipping out their old photo albums and whipping out their iPads, iPhones and facebook Pages instead. Will writes: As we all move into hybrid photography and add movement to our pictures, we will be creating eProducts more than we create printed products.  Well, jpegs cannot hold motion or sound so we’ll be using [More]
From MC Contributor Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com)… Saturday morning I had the idea to shoot JPEG exclusively for the weekend. I put my thoughts together in the post, What am I shooting this weekend? It’s not RAW and it seems like I’m not the only one that is a lover of JPEGS. As I stated in the article I think that the days of shooting RAW are numbered, but then again I also think that the days of HDSLRs are numbered too. The only way for me to find out if I took a cRaZy PiLl or not is to dive in and explore. That’s one [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) talks video editing.  As video becomes more and more popular (and with the ease of producing HD videos of breathtaking quality using mirrorless cameras, it IS becoming more and more popular!), people are continually asking us if there’s an easy to use, easy to learn way to make the most out of your videos. Here’s what Will has to say about whether you should learn video editing or just skip it:  Can you create the cool hybrid eProducts like we talk about on discovermirrorless.com without using elaborate video editing software like Adobe Premier or Final [More]
In the latest edition of the Hybrid Hangout, MC contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) hosts a panel of Nine photo and video pros (and some not so pros) to share the reasons why they switched to mirrorless, or why they are still waiting, and what they are looking for in order to make an intelligent decision when or if to shed the big bulky but powerful DSLRs. Joining will in the conversation are MC Creator Scott Giorgini, MC Contributos Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com) and Rob Domaschuk (ShootHybrid.com) along with Paula Thomas, Carol Schlintz, special guest Dave Curlee from GeekBeatTV and others as [More]
Mirrorless Central Creator Scott Giorgini (that’s me ~_^) explains his top 7 reasons why a video professional would choose a mirrorless camera system vs a DSLR to build out a home studio.  I discuss HD video, lenses, DSLR limits, size, features, cost and why he feels that mirrorless cameras are the wave of the future. Here’s my pick for the top Mirrorless Camera for Video Production… The Panasonic Lumix GH3
Trey Ratcliff (StuckInCustoms.com) is a highly renowned (and incredibly talented) Pro-Photo Guru  who hosts his Google + Hangout / Variety Hour.   Episode #56, which was recorded last night, is all about Micro 4/3 Camera’s and Lenses, and it features MC Creator Scott Giorgini and Contributor Giulio Sciorio.  The boys join in the discussion with Pro-togs Gordon Laing, Amy “Dang Rabbitt”, Dave Veffer and Peter Tsai. Find out all about their favorite cameras and lenses, and what’s coming down the road for Micro 4/3. Special thanks to Trey for inviting us to take part in the Variety Hour.  It was [More]
The Mirrorless Mythbusters are In the House! 6 photographers who have recently entered into the post-DSLR world share their favorite myths about moving to mirrorless cameras for the photo and video images they shoot. Hangout with MC Creator Scott Giorgini and contributors Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com), Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com), Rob Domaschuk (ShootHybrid.com) as well as Pro-Tog Extraordinaire Chuck Jones and Ian Stone (Zenfolio.com) as they chuckle about their experiences with both the fact and fiction answer common questions like: “Are the lenses for mirrorless as good as DSLR lenses?” “What will my client think if I show up with a teeny [More]
Still Photographers, take note. Photojournalism as we know it is dead and a new era of Hybrid Imaging, where traditional video is blended with audio and video, is upon us. Case in point, the DigitalRevTV Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge. In this edition, Pro Photographers Dan Chung and Scott Hui join DigitalRevTV’s Kai Wong for a romp around the city taking pics on their iPhone 5s. OK… we’re not suggesting that the iPhone 5 is going to replace your DSLR (although in many cases, it HAS crushed the point and shoot market), but just listen to the commentary from Kai [More]
MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) discusses the coming wave of new technology and cutting edge techniques that will soon become the standard for the Pro Photographer.  We are on the edge of an era where new and exciting imaging products are about the shake up the world of Photo and Video just like the iPhone shook the world of communication.  Are you ready to blaze the trail…  or will you be left in the dust? Will writes: We photographers are truly odd creatures. We’re set in our ways and are resistant to change, but as soon as we “see” how [More]
Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) is Photo/Video Guru, a leading innovator in the “migration to mirrorless cameras” and is a friend and colleague of MirrorlessCentral.com creator Scott Giorgini, who serves on the same committee as Will for developing the smartest ways to produce hybrid imaging eProducts. Together, they are figuring out that these small, yet mighty cameras are quickly taking over the photo and video world. As a commercial photographer, Will has been using mirrorless cameras to do jobs he could never do with DSLR and pro level video cameras. This video shares a great example of one of those jobs and [More]
Cameras, lenses, lighting, software, gadgets… what 3 photo tools do our panel of pro photographers wish they started using sooner? In this hangout video, photo innovator Will Crockett from DiscoverMirrorless.com invites four of his picture pals to share their answers to this question. Hybrid imaging pros Giulio Sciorio (SmallCameraBigPicture.com), Chuck Jones (ChuckJonesPhotography.com), Carol Schlintz (ImageDreamsStudios.com) and Tom Curley (Tom-Curley.com) chime in with great info (and a few laughs!) on how you can avoid the mistakes they made as they honed their photo skills. The smarter photographer makes better pictures, so hop onto this free video from DiscoverMirrorless.com. There’s plenty more [More]
Serial Photo Ninjas Giulio Sciorio of SmallCameraBigPicture.com and Frederick Van Johnson of ThisWeekInPhoto.com talk about Giulio’s move from Big Bulky DSLR cameras to the smaller but still highly sophisticated mirrorless systems he now uses. Watch as these two pros talk about BIG CHANGES in Photography, cool new technology and how smaller cameras are creating a whole new breed of street photographers. Check out Giulio’s Favorite Cameras below:
Will Crockett of DiscoverMirrorless.com hosts an interactive conversation between experts from Panasonic, Manfrotto Lighting and fellow Photogs Frederick Van Johnson of ThisWeekInPhoto.com and Giulio Sciorio of SmallCameraBigPicture.com as they discuss a new frontier in Photography that we may be currently witnessing… the birth of “Hybrid Imaging.” With the release of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, we are seeing the advent of a new breed of powerful, mirrorless cameras that are giving large full frame DSLRs a run for their money with superb image quality in still photos, while offering superior quality HD Video with a range of new capabilities. The panel [More]
Two of the photo industry’s most respected educators chat about how, when, why DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless cameras in the near future.  When do you switch over? Why would you? Are these guys nuts? Frederick Van Johnson from thisweekinphoto.com and Will Crockett from discovermirrorless.com are both pro shooters and top photo educators… and they have recorded a recent conversation on the topic that you get to hop in on. Check below to see some of our favorite mirrorless cameras in varying price ranges… Amazon.com Widgets
What is mirrorless imaging? With the flood of new mirrorless cameras entering market and in anticipation of Photokina next week in Cologne, Germany (and all the new cameras, lenses and gear that will be unveiled there), we felt it would be a good idea to post this video from Will Crockett, GeekBeat’s photo tech specialist, to show you what mirrorless digital photography can do for you. Will is one of our favorite photo experts. We love his no-nonsense reviews and his obvious passion for photography and video production that comes through in each and every video he makes (which is [More]
Will Crockett of DiscoverMirrorless.com discusses what he sees as a shift in the Pro and Enthusiast Photography World. Are DSLRs on the way out in favor of smaller and less expensive yet highly sophisticated mirrorless camera systems with BIG Image Quality and HD Video Capability? Will writes… We have been nice and busy here working on a few really inspiring consulting projects with the “new breed” of camera systems. We are mezmorized by their small size+low cost+BIG image quality. Dunno if you have noticed, but the mirrorless (aka Compact System Cameras) are making impact with consumers and starting to get [More]
Does the new OM-D E-M5 manage to produce a GH2 style virtuoso performance in video mode? There are some question marks over that – but as a stills camera it stands up very well against some very tough competition – the 5D Mark III, Fuji X Pro 1 and Sony NEX 7. Since a live view mode is essentially the same as a video mode, mirrorless cameras with their EVFs and LCDs in place of an optical viewfinder have had a head start on DSLRs when it comes to video. Many people have high hopes for the E-M5 and in [More]
Good news! Our industry is heading toward a big change that will free us up a bit as creative image makers. Less fuss and more fun! We’re seeing all kinds of technology coming our way that will allow us to be better photographers, more profitable business people, and kindle your creative spark. We just have to be open to it, and choose the right pieces to fit with our own “process” of creating and displaying and selling images. We want to shoot SMARTER, not harder. Check out our ‘Recommended’ gallery to the right for some of today’s best Mirrorless, Hybrid [More]