CES 2013 Camera Preview

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Consumer Reports talks about the new and innovative cameras they expect to see launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013) next week.

We can’t wait to see all the cool new cameras and gadgets that’ll be launched at the show, and we’re sure that YOU can’t wait either, so be sure to keep coming back to MirrorlessCentral for all the latest news, reviews and updates from the CES!

Until then, we’ll wet your appetite, here’s a list of all the compact cameras that will be introduced by Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony (via PhotoRumors.com).


  • HS35EXR: 16MP, 30x zoom
  • HS50EXR: 16MP, 42x zoom
  • SL1000: 16MP, 50x zoom
  • S8200: 16MP, 40x zoom
  • S8300: 16MP, 42x zoom
  • T550: 16MP , 12x zoom
  • XP60: 16MP, 5x zoom
  • Few other models could be announced in different markets: XP200, HS30EXR, S4800, S6800, F820EXR, 850EXR, F900EXR, Z2000EXR, T500, JZ750, JZ700, JX650 and AX600.


  • SH-50MR: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-16: 14MP, 24x zoom
  • SZ-15: 16MP, 24x zoom
  • TG-2: rugged, 12MP, 4x zoom
  • TG-630: rugged, 12MP, 5x zoom
  • TG-830: rugged, 16MP, 5x zoom

Panasonic will announce 10 different compact cameras (via digicame-info):

  • DMC-TS25 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4x zoom
  • DMC-TS5 (FT series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 4.6x zoom
  • DMC-XS1, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-ZS25 (TZ series in Japan), 16.1MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-ZS30 (TZ series in Japan), 18.2MP sensor, 20x zoom
  • DMC-LZ30, 16.1MP sensor, 35x zoom
  • DMC-SZ3, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-SZ9, 16.1MP sensor, 10x zoom
  • DMC-F5, 14.1MP sensor, 5x zoom
  • DMC-FH10, 16.1MP sensor, 5x zoom


  • DSC-H200: 20MP, 26x zoom
  • DSC-W710: 16MP, 5x zoom
  • DSC-W730: 16MP, 8x zoom
  • DSC-TF1: rugged, 16MP, 4x zoom
  • WX80: 20MP, 8x zoom, Wi-Fi
  • Sony will announce also a dozen of new camcorders and some new accessories


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