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Mirrorless Central is proud to be assembling a team of the top names in mirrorless and hybrid imaging as official contributors to our site. During our extensive research of mirrorless cameras, we have found that this group of individuals are the Go-To names when it comes to delivering the best information about the new era of Hybrid Imaging that’s just beginning, and we’re glad to include their content for you, all in one place.

The Mirrorless Central Team Includes…

Scott Giorgini – Scott, the creator of, is a veteran of Radio and TV, having been involved in those industries for over 20 years.  He got his start as a DJ in 1987 and was producing mix shows for radio by 1989. By the mid 1990s, he was producing radio commercials and shows, which later led to TV, where he was producing ads and shows on the local scene.  In 2006, Scott started consulting for a TV Advertising Studio and got involved with every facet of production, from conceptual, to writing scripts, to directing, editing, graphic design, web marketing, to shooting (using HUGE studio camera rigs and DSLRs for b-roll and location shooting) and even hosting shows.  Scott is now building a small studio (and is looking to do so without breaking the bank) in his home to do some smaller scale work and to do live web TV shows. In the field, his vision is to usher in a whole new era of “Street Videography,” so he began searching for smaller, yet high quality and affordable solutions for shooting video.  He first started looking at DSLRs because of their portability and all the looks and high image quality that you can get using interchangeable lenses, but Scott quickly ruled them out because of some limitations that wouldn’t fit in with his vision (29 minute continuous recording limit, sensor overheating issues and the large expense of the better cameras), and that’s when began to turn towards mirrorless cameras as the solution. Although some mirrorless cameras have the same limitations as DSLRs, Scott (who is a BIG TIME technophile) soon found out that many others had everything he was looking for…  and they’re less expensive and more portable to boot.  Through his voracious study of mirrorless cameras, Scott also realized that most of the technical advances in imaging were coming from the mirrorless category, and he wholeheartedly believes that mirrorless is the future of digital imaging.

Will Crockett – Will is a highly renowned Photo innovator and web TV personality who we call “The Paul Revere of the Mirrorless Revolution”, and he is where America goes for those “ah ha!” ways to make better pictures with their digital cameras. As a pro photographer, a popular photo educator (Will has created several popular photo and video websites, including, and and as the host of the new Smarter Photographer DVD, Will has a knack for taking the frustration out of making perfect pictures with his upbeat style, super simple tips, and of course the drop dead gorgeous personal photos he takes all over the world to share with the family and friends. Pro photographers like to share their adventures with their friends on facebook too! After more than 29 years as a world class commercial photographer gathering assignments from high line clients like Pfizer, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Cadbury, United Airlines, TIME magazine, and developing photo training content for the US Military , Will Crockett knows how to take pictures with any camera in any place. And when he wants to make his own personal photos to share, he leaves the big, heavy expensive cameras in his studio and chooses any of the hundreds of small, simple point and shoot style cameras he test drives each year.  (Watch Videos featuring Will Crockett)


Giulio Sciorio – Giulio ( is an award winning professional photographer that shoots for social media, editorial and advertising with the Micro 4/3 system. He is a big fan of Micro 4/3rds cameras to say the least, as there are so many great cameras and even more importantly, great lenses to choose from.  In 2011, Giulio got tired of lugging around big, bulky and expensive DSLR cameras and lenses and began to test out some mirrorless camera systems.  When he realized that the images he was capturing were just as good as anything he could get out of a DSLR and that the cameras and gear were SO much easier to carry and use, he decided to sell his Canon system to shoot with his Olympus Pen Mini, later adding an OM-D E-M5 and now even a Fuji X-Pro1. (Watch Videos featuring Giulio Sciorio)


Tom Curley – Tom  ( is a “bonafide seasoned pro” photographer with a background as a marketing executive for over 25 years with Fujifilm USA, where he managed the full line of professional photography products, digital lab printers, pro lab workflow solutions, as well as Xerox printers for the imaging market. Tom, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, has served as a member of the Industry Advisory Board for Professional Photographers of America, the International Center of Photography Presidents Council, and the industry advisory board of the McGhee Distinguished Professor chair for RIT’s Imaging Technology curriculum.   He is a member of the Cameracraftsmen of America and board member of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut. He has served on the board of advisors for the Natures Best Foundation, and as a volunteer for the Arts Council of Westchester County, NY and the Maria Ferari Childrens Hospital art committee in White Plains, NY.  Tom’s photographic work features panorama format landscape images. He is represented by Danita Delimont Stock Photography. Tom has been a member of the International Association of Panorama Photographers since 1999.


Rob Domaschuk – Rob is a professional photographer and educator who is the creator of as well as being a co-owner of the Chicagoland Digital Photography Meetup Group (one of the largest Meetup groups in the country) and one of the co-hosts on the semi-weekly podcast, Polarizing Images.   Domaschuk has quickly taken hold of the new hybrid imaging era in photography and, drawing upon almost 15 years of corporate training experience, he is now focusing his photo education efforts on helping both the amateur and professional photographer develop their skills in this new area of photography.  You can find him at,, and





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