Did Video Kill the Photography Star?

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Still Photographers, take note. Photojournalism as we know it is dead and a new era of Hybrid Imaging, where traditional video is blended with audio and video, is upon us.

Case in point, the DigitalRevTV Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge. In this edition, Pro Photographers Dan Chung and Scott Hui join DigitalRevTV’s Kai Wong for a romp around the city taking pics on their iPhone 5s. OK… we’re not suggesting that the iPhone 5 is going to replace your DSLR (although in many cases, it HAS crushed the point and shoot market), but just listen to the commentary from Kai and his guests as they discuss the increasing importance of video in their work.

Here’s the video description from DigitalRevTV:
Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge is back! In this episode, we feature Dan Chung – Photojournalist and Videographer – and Scott Hui – Director, maker of music videos – both shooting on an iPhone, Dan shoots photos while Scott gets the footage, but there’s a twist: they only have 3-minutes to get what they need.

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