DIY Green Screen Project

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The Gang from theSlantedLens put together this cool DIY Green Screen for about $14 bucks (not including the mic stands) by using a piece of PVC Pipe, a couple of Microphone Stands and some fabric from your favorite fabric store.

By using a Green Screen and Chroma Key, you can easily create eye popping effects in your videos (>>Click Here<< to learn more about chroma key).

Materials Used…

  • Green gabardine fabric (determine the size that you want your screen to be and buy accordingly.  It’s best to go to the fabric store to pick this out in person so that you know the quality of the fabric.  Looks for something durable and hideously green ~_^)
  • 2- “A” clamps (Here’s a 6 pack starting at $2.55 on Amazon)
  • PVC pipe (a 10′ section costs less than $2.00 at Home Depot).
  • 2 Microphone Stands (We found a pair of mic stands on Amazon for about $30 USD).

We’re always up for a good DIY Project, but it’s good to know that there are also a variety of low cost solutions for those who aren’t up for some sewing – and we found several kits that include not only a green screen and stands, but a white and black background as well, plus studio lighting.

Here are some Great Solutions starting at just $90


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