DIY Video Shoulder Rig? Here’s 2 of Them!

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Stabilization is crucial when shooting video, and even though the Optical and In Body Stabilization systems on today’s mirrorless cameras has come a long way, it’s still not perfect.  Enter the video shoulder rig stabilizer.  There are many to choose from, but they can get pretty expensive.  But if you have a little time and a little money to spend on some PVC Pipe, here are two solutions for you.

The video above is from TheSlantedLens is is a very simple solution for about $10.00.

Below is a video from Vu Le that’s a little more complex, and a little more expensive, but nowhere near the multiple hundreds (or even thousands) you might spend on a good video stabilizer.

DIY PVC Road Bike Rig for GH2, 7D, 5Dmk2 from Vu Le on Vimeo.

These both look like great options if you’re on a budget and you should be able to knock ’em out in a couple hours or so.


Cris Mitchell says:

And people are worried about not being taken seriously for shooting Micro Four Thirds 😉 I’d roll up to a client with a M43 Camera before i ever did so with a PVC pipe shoulder mount.

I wouldn’t have a problem rolling up to a client with a GH3 ;)… but I’m with you on the PVC shoulder rig – not for professional use, but it’s a great option for indie filmmakers on a budget!

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