Do I Really Have to Learn Video Editing? The Answer May Surprise You…

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MC Contributor Will Crockett ( talks video editing.  As video becomes more and more popular (and with the ease of producing HD videos of breathtaking quality using mirrorless cameras, it IS becoming more and more popular!), people are continually asking us if there’s an easy to use, easy to learn way to make the most out of your videos.

Here’s what Will has to say about whether you should learn video editing or just skip it:  Can you create the cool hybrid eProducts like we talk about on without using elaborate video editing software like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro?  Sure can, in fact we suggest that you skip those software beasts and use the online and auto-editing tools instead.  If the free or cheapie solutions don’t work for you, then by all means hop into editing video – but that’s a biiiiig hop.  There is a lot to editing video it but it IS a smart option too.

Editor’s Note:  DEFINTELY check out ProShow Web that Will talks about in the video.  It really is drag and drop simple and it’ll give you some stunning results.  Otherwise, you might want to just use the video editing suite that comes pre-installed on your computer.  Most computers come with video editing software loaded right on the machine (Windows Movie Maker for PC, and iMovie for Mac).  They’re free, they’re fairly easy to use and they can give you surprisingly good results.  I recommend playing around with whichever one you have and you’ll quickly realize how easy they are to use – heck, they even come with templates that you can drop your photo, video and audio files right into.

What do YOU think?  Have you found other solutions that work better?  We’d love to know about it, so please leave your comments and questions below… — SG


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