Dougmon Camera Support Demo by Suzette Allen

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Our good friend, Photo-Phenom and fellow Hybrid Hero on Suzette Allen demonstrates the dougmon handheld camera stabilizer.

the dougmon handheld camera stabilizer - shown here with the slingmon and all accessories

The dougmon was invented by a guy named Doug Monroehence the name – DOUG MON(roe)…  Get it? –

Doung touts the dougmon as the swiss army knife of hand held camera support systems.

My 2 Cents

Anytime someone comes up with a solution to make life easier for us video shooters, I’m all for it. Thanks Suzette for a great demo!  I’ll try mine with a slingmon sling system.

What do YOU think?  Leave your comments below…

If you’re interested in picking one up, the dougmon sells for $529 USD on Amazon, or $699 with the slingmon and all accessories.


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