DSLR vs Mirrorless – which is better?

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In the kickoff of season 3, Kai and Lok from DigitalRevTV compare an entry level DSLR – the Nikon D3100 – with a mirrorless camera – the E-P3 to see if there is still a point of having a DSLR.

It looks like the small Olympus PEN E-P3 holds up pretty well against the Nikon, even surpassing it in some categories, and with recent advances in sensor technology, we’d bet that new Olympus cameras, like the new PEN Lite (E-PL5) and PEN Mini (E-PM2), that are equipped with the same sensor as the flagship OM-D E-M5 would do even better.

Two other cameras that we can highly recommend:
1. The Panasonic GX1 with a 14-42 power zoom lens, which you can now get a GREAT DEAL on with the expected launch of the GX2.
2. The new SONY NEX 5R, with it’s powerful SONY sensor and wi-fi capability


jonathan Tang says:

1881 Heritage.

1003Alfred says:

“and trying to hackin to Kinki’s underpants…”Damn it I want to do some hackin too

HungAzn says:

while they may be good for sports for budget users since you get high FPS for a low cost, they’ll never be used by pros due to the light loss.

Francisco Romero says:

Good job making the show even funnier lol

raixbox360 says:

the girl in this video is pretty

JesseBochekTV says:

Mirrorless cameras are like the hybrid car of the imaging world. Nobody likes them except for people who want to be “fashionable”

sysMAXXX says:

dragging… boring….
I rather have the narrator speak to the point than those 2 retarded-acting guys
Even Teletubbies would have made more sense.

aleramone23 says:

A little bit “retarded” review. sorry but it looks like that to me.

hilllbilllyjoe says:

entry level I would pick a mirrorless, I get a bit sick of lugging around a bulky camera when im not specifically going to take photo’s, but a mid range DSLR (canon 60d and nikon equivalent) will blow a mirrorless out of the water.

Jon Caswell says:


strickmans says:

dslr or mirrorless
which one should i get?

Stlouissnapback says:

Not true look at nikons. so uncomfortable cuz their grip.and it fits in a tiny little bag.

stevisentin says:

know the meaning of “mona” in Italian dialect???? hahaha

MrFilm3d says:

gh2 is mirrolees camera, and it video is better than canon mark III

iChillyTV says:

DSLR for the performance- Mirrorless for the size and design

AJarnigan says:

I don’t know how many people whine about the “seriousness” of DRTV’s videos but, I personally like it and enjoy the humor. It keeps bringing me back to DRTV’s videos and has made me subscribe.

Hex Dez says:

who cares ^^ shoot raw 😉

AreedAmier says:

i choose DSLR.

TheMusicPiper says:

So funny that they still write Lok’s accent in the silent film

zedkin says:

Stand a bit away from your subject, and use as much zoom as you can. Then try to focus on your subject.

MrShaheryarmuhammad says:

plz can u tell me wt is that

pannysat says:

Nikon really needs to work on in white balance. The Nikon is too yellow.

Dansshortclips says:

Is Kinky available to lease? Im always dropping stuff lol.

Dansshortclips says:

Cant beleive Lok is wearing a scarf in Hk! Must be global cooling lol…

killawann says:

kinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… hi

puoliliha says:

Well f*ck you Watson!

1990banks says:

“That is so small” ^_^ that’s what she said.

Dennis V.P says:

yeah a tlr is medium format way superior

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