Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Fujifilm X20 and X100s

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Here’s a collection of the latest videos about the new Fuji X100s and Fuji X20 fixed lens compact cameras, starting with the video above which features Greg and Billy (aka, the Fuji Guys).

The X100s and X20 are the follow up cameras to Fuji’s popular X100 and X10 cameras, and though they might look a lot like their predecessors, they’re loaded up with Fuji’s all new X-Trans II Sensors and EXR II Processing technology, which enables them to pop out images of mind-blowing quality while great upping their speed, including autofocus speed which Fuji now claims is the “fastest in the world” (but wait until next week, when someone else will undoubtedly release a new camera that makes the same claim ~_^).

The Fuji X20 enters a crowded field of excellent and affordable fixed lens compacts like the Sony RX100, Panasonic Lumix LX7 and the new Pentax MX1.  There’s something to love about each one of these cameras, so once the X20 and the MX1 get into the hands of more shooters, it will be interesting to see a head to head comparison of these four cameras.

The Fuji X100s on the other hand has less competition to face, as it is one of the few “premium” compacts on the market.  At $1,299 USD, it’s chief competition will come in the form of the newly announced Nikon Coolpix A (see a comparison between the Fuji X100s and Nikon Coolpix A Here) and, to a lesser extent, the Sony RX1, Sony’s Full Frame sensored yet tiny compact that comes in at $2,800 USD.  It’s interesting to note that of these three cameras, the X100s is the only one equipped with a built in EVF.

Fuji X100s Focus Features Demo

In the video below, Steve Huff of SteveHuffPhoto.com gets a demo and explanation of the X100s’ manual focus features, including the phase detection pixels at the center of the sensor which are an integral part of  Fuji’s new Hybrid Autofocus system.

X100s vs X100

In the video below, Youtube user TheKrisms compares the new X100s to it’s predecessor, the Fuji X100 to see if it’s worth upgrading from the previous model.


A Look at the Fuji X20

In the video below, amateur documentary and landscape photographer David Cleland talks about the new Fujifilm X20 compact digital camera.


More on the Fuji X20

In the video below, theSouce talks to Billy Luong from the Fuji Guys about the features of the X20


CameraDiner Live

Finally, in the video below, Theo Georghiades stops in to theCameraDiner to talk about – and take questions on – the Fuji X100s and X20

Buy the Fuji X-20 and Fuji X-100s on Amazon Here


Ronald Edmund Cirilo says:

Hi Fujiguys, thanks for these wonderful videos specially about this X100s. I was just wondering if you have any clue if Fujifilm will release a black limited edition of X100s same as they did on X100

NJintheImagination says:

Just another vote for an all black x-100s

armaniusmaximus says:

Thanks again for the quick response!

fujiguys says:

I am not sure if that would happen but it’s already something i suggest to the development team.

armaniusmaximus says:

Is it possible and will Fuji implement the change to the AF button in the X100S and X20 to the older X cameras? That feature would definitely make lots of current users happy.

fujiguys says:

yes, wifi will be a feature a lot more companies will use.


Fuji’s commitment towards consumers, improving each model based on feedback, really listening to their users, this kind of respect really stands out for me. I know that Fuji announced at CES a model with WiFi capabilities, seeing what cameras like the GH3 and NEX have been able to do with that feat, I would like to know if WiFi is on their way for the next gen of the X-mount cameras as well.

fujiguys says:



I know it’s not Fuji’s priority but as Fuji has listened to consumers like no other and implemented the 1080p60@36mbps video I wanted to know why there is no 24fps. And as far as I know, why no full manual control in video mode. I’m pretty sure that those wanting better video quality would also like 24fps and full manual control and I don’t think it’s too hard to implement it. To be able to conform the video from 60fps to 30/24fps in-camera would be nice, slow-mo and time-lapse in-camera!

fujiguys says:

I don’t have that info.  Looks like for North America, should be March/April 2013.

fujiguys says:

They felt it wasn’t required for this type of camera. Actually, because of my suggestion to them before, Face Detection works on playback to quickly zoom in allowing to quickly check focus.

Charles Peebles says:

Yes, indeed. It gets old carrying around a 300 pound camera. I could spend this much on just one lens for my DSLR. Count me in…looks good!

Hazeem Lokman says:

Hey, would you please tell me the exact date of when this would be available in Malaysia ? Thanks! Really looking forward to it

armaniusmaximus says:

Thanks for the reply Billy. That’s a real shame as face detection makes off center portrait photographs so much easier to take. All the other modes are superfluous to me, but face detection is an asset even for pros. Did Tokyo give you any reasons not to implement face detection? Thanks again for taking the time to respond. It is very much appreciated.

fujiguys says:

Face Detection=No. Not with any of the listed models, by design. There will also be no Angel/Baby/Snow/Night/Beach modes either with these models. I of course would like to see this too and have already made my case a while ago with Tokyo.

fujiguys says:

Most people will have owned a DSLR and thus know the exact reason why this camera exist. If you don’t own a DSLR yet, then you are correct, a DSLR will give you better value.

fujiguys says:

X100s, X-E1, X-Pro1 do not offer Face Detection. On playback, it will require faces and allow you to zoom in. Only X10, X20, XF1, X-S1 offer Face Detection. As for future models, i do not have that information.

fiskpad says:

Cameras costing the same or less money abound. However,they just can’t match the image quality and eye popping colors that the Fuji X100 produces. From its silky smooth images to consistently perfect white balance no other camera comes close. You really have to shoot one to believe it. It is an incredible value for what you are getting.

armaniusmaximus says:

Hi Fujiguys. Any chance face detection can be implemented on X100S (and XP1/XE1) via firmware update? And will future X cameras (other than the P&S) have face detection? Thanks!

Felix Ayala says:

We could buy a really nice slr for this kind of money. 

Ronaldo Roda says:

omg guys, they are already shipping them in Japan, just release the full review.

Greg Fahey says:

I look forward too getting this. As a very happy XP1 owner I see this as a sort of extra lens. I’ll now have a 35 lens which is attached to a proven body/sensor. I’m selling my 60mm Fuji lens to do this. The 60 has proved to be a frustrating lens to use.

Peter Benner says:

Not worth it, to be really frank with you. I’ll hold a hand over my lens rather than throw money on this.

armaniusmaximus says:

Hi Fujiguys! Any chance that Fuji will implement face detection in the X100S and the future XPro/XE cameras? Is that possible with a firmware update? Thank you and keep up the great work.

fujiguys says:

The Fujifilm lens hood includes the adapter ring. The lens hood is machined from aluminum. The lens hood was designed with balance between the shading function of the hood and its size, every effort was made to achieve compactness.

Peter Benner says:

So… The name? I think there’s a market for making lens hoods for the X100, I’m sure that even if I made it of Titanium I could compete with this price.

fujiguys says:

Its a Fuji made lens hood. That is the price.

fujiguys says:

Mic input, yes via the USB connector. We will sell a external mic with a 2.5mm to USB adapter for this camera. As for remote, no, the USB won’t work that way on this model. As for video controls, i agree and have been pushing this for a long time now and will continue to push this.

Juan Manuel Chavez says:

Send some of those x100s to Argentina 🙁

ar4216 says:

Awesome camera. I just wish it had image stabilization to help with video.

TStefanos says:

Thanks for the presentation. Is there the ability to make time lapse or perhaps the mic input through usb, to act as a remote control input, as it is in x-e1 ?
Since there has been a video capability upgrade, a dedicated video button and full video manual control, should have been available, dont you think?
I think that FUJI has to acknowledged, that the enthusiast photographer today, in most cases is also, an enthusiast videographer as well. Thank you.

rmysterio80 says:

Im curious, why is the Fuji lens hood about $80?

fujiguys says:

No black option at the moment. As for Video, 29minutes max length.

fujiguys says:


fujiguys says:

There are some improvements in that area. Also, the X-Trans sensor will improve on sharpness and detail.

fujiguys says:

No. It will mean a loss of quality.

fujiguys says:

Around March but you should talk with the Fujifilm office in your area first.

fujiguys says:

I don’t think they are considering any wider as there will be Image Quality loss. They only offered 28mm because they can maintain the same quality as the original lens.

fujiguys says:

Yes. Charger will include cables with different prongs however.

fujiguys says:

We are looking at March 2013 but it could be sooner.

fujiguys says:

It has EyeFi support. Why not buy one of these cards.

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