Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Sony NEX-6 But Were Afraid to Ask

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Is the Sony NEX 6 any good?  How does it stack up to the NEX 7?  Is it worth it to get the NEX 6 or should I just get an NEX 5R?  Does the Hybrid Autofocus system make a big difference?  Does the NEX 6 overheat in video mode like other NEX models?

The Sony NEX 6 is an exciting addition to the NEX lineup, and yes…  there are a lot of questions out there about this new compact system camera, and Ed from theDigitalDigest has created numerous videos that should answer most, if not all, of your questions.  (The video above is Ed’s in depth overview of the NEX 6, and we’re including additional videos below that compare the new camera with the NEX 5R and NEX 7.)

Sony NEX 6 vs Sony NEX 7

Sony NEX 6 vs Sony NEX 5R

My 2 Cents

It’s hard not to be impressed with the Sony NEX camera lineup. Sony make (IMO) the best hybrid camera sensors available today, which is probably why so many other camera manufacturers use Sony sensors in their cameras (i.e. Olympus OM-D, Panasonic GH3). In fact, when I first began looking for hybrid camera solutions, it was the NEX 5n that initially drew my attention.

Sony NEX cameras perform extremely well as still photos cameras as well as video cameras, but it’s not all wine and roses with the NEX cams. Some of the issues that led me away from the NEX 5n and NEX 7 and towards micro 4/3 cameras (namely, the Panasonic Lumix GH2 at the time – I was originally interested mainly in video shooting) were the lack of quality lenses, the ergonomic awkwardness of slapping a large, heavy legacy lens on an NEX body and Sony’s proprietary hot shoe which would prevent me from using lights, microphones, etc from 3rd party manufacturers. But the biggest deal breaker in my eyes was that Sony NEX cameras were notorious for overheating in video mode.

Over the last year, I and a number of MC contributors and colleagues of mine have gotten their hands on or used Sony NEX cameras, and to the man (or woman) we’ve all been highly impressed, and ever since Sony launched the NEX 5R and NEX 6 later in 2012, I’ve been very interested to see if Sony would address any of the issues I mentioned above.

Fast forward to today and Sony are promising that new lenses are on the horizon, including some from celebrated lens maker Carl Zeiss. This is good news for NEX fans. The new NEX 5R and NEX 6 also incorporate Sony’s new hybrid autofocus system and Wi-Fi capability, which is still in it’s infancy today, but should grow into something spectacular over the next 12-24 months. The NEX 6 also sports a standard hot shoe, and it seems that the 6 is the camera that, although it hasn’t completely eliminated video overheating, it has best addressed the issue – To quote Ed from TDD from his review: “Overheating is not completely gone from the NEX 6, but it’s a much bigger improvement than the NEX 5R.”

All in all, I’m still highly impressed with Sony NEX cameras, and at this time, if I had to recommend only one, it would be the NEX 6 (yes… even over the 7).   It’s not perfect, but then… what camera is?
The NEX 6 is still one of the best hybrid cameras available today (#3 on our list for top hybrid camera of 2012).

Sony are one of the major players in the mirrorless market, and the NEX 6 is a big reason why.

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Blu Bancucoque says:

Man, that’s what I call IN DEPTH review. Thanks.

headhunterkilla says:

I think your review would be much better if you some photo and video samples. Great review though *thumbs up*

raczyk79 says:

I got this camera, but feel like trading it for rx100 as its a lot more pocket able. Can you make a review comparing the two.

One feature i do like is having the camera taking a few shots and stitch one noise free image, but its only available under SCN mode (anti motion blur and hand held twilight)

Is there a way to have the camera do this when shooting M/S/A ?

Open says:

2 years agoI just tested this on an old ScanDisk SD Card 2 GB and it wkored flawlessly. There are 4 things that everyone (especially people like this old fogggie) ought to be made aware of:1 It is not ultra fast2 It does not save it back on the Memory Disc. You have to type in a destination.and3 The License Agreement does state that Sony may collect information on and I can’t remember what else.and4 Third parties may upgrade it or something to that effect.Therefore if they don’t want info collected or whatever then they should think twice (I guess)BUT it wkored great. Great job, RaymondReply

blurayffan66 says:

Fantastic review.

tubeVerkulosis says:

re: new placement of video button
Exactly what I’ve been experiencing. It is so hard to press and i always end up shaking my clip at the beginning and end of my recording.

okayplayer31 says:

If I don’t use the zoom… would it be a good idea to get the NEX 6 stock, without lens kit … and get a zeiss 24mm 1.8 … then a teleobjective later… Many thanks for your reviews

FlyLifeFilms says:

Great review! Especially loved your points on the Overheating as this was the reason i sold the 5n and the 7. The 6 is my new workhorse!

iPhoneiPadReview says:

I really love watching your reviews! You always make them lengthy, but that’s why I like it 🙂 Keep up the great work sir!

Lurker1979 says:

This is why I love the mirrorless cameras, is the ability to use any lens I want.

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