Excellent Review of the Panasonic G5

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SoundImagePlusBlog posted an excellent review of the Panasonic G5. It looks like they concur with our assessment that the G5 is an excellent camera that might be getting lost in the shuffle with all the fanfare surrounding the new camera launches at Photokina in September and PhotoPlus just this past weekend.

Here’s SoundImagePlusBlog’s conclusion:
I have no hesitation in recommending the G5 and would suggest that, if possible, you give it a try before thinking about one of the “sexier” m4/3 cameras like the OM-D and the upcoming GH3. I would suggest also that you might just find it surprisingly good, and a camera that gives you a lot for your money. For me its a lot better than the G3, and with the built in EVF and adjustable screen I find it a lot more useful than the GX1. Its pretty much pot luck whether I take out the OM-D or the G5 these days if I’m having a m4/3 day and I like both cameras very much. The Sigma DP2M may be “my camera” but m4/3 is “my system” and the G5 is a somewhat neglected, but none the less fine example of what that system can deliver.

Highly recommended. (Read Full Review and see sample photos on SoundImagePLusBlog) (Hat Tip to 43Rumors)

The Panasonic G5 remains one of our favorite cameras launched in 2012, and if you’re making your first foray into interchangeable lens systems, then this easy to use yet high quality camera would be a great way to start.

Check out the Panasonic Lumix G5 Here


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