EXCLUSIVE Sony RX1 1st look with accessories, video and image samples!

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Steve Huff of SteveHuffPhoto.com got his hands on the new Sony RX1 fixed lens digital camera for an exclusive first look.  Sony touts the RX1 as the World’s First Full Frame Digital Camera, as it sports a full sized 35mm Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, and there’s no doubt that this little beastie can produce some of the finest quality images that you’ll ever see – on par with or even surpassing the DSLR market.  Steve even mentions that he feels the RX1 produces better images than the A99, which is equipped with the same sensor, and the RX1 comes in a much smaller and more portable package.

Here’s some links to Steve’s full review and test images:

Night time street shooting

RX1, NEX 6 and A99 samples from Sony Event

Steve’s final thoughts on the RX1

Our Take:

Sony have taken a bold step with the RX1.  They’ve essentially created a premium/pro quality compact point and shoot style camera, but with much more control over settings, etc.  Although the camera has a fixed lens, it is a very high quality Carl Zeiss lens, and that may appeal to a lot of people.  But it also comes attached to a hefty price tag, nearly $2,800 USD, and the only way you can get an EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) is to tack another $700 on to that price.  In producing the RX1, Sony may…  or may not…  be carving out a whole new niche.  Only time will tell if there is a market for a camera like the RX1.

Who is this camera for?:

If you’ve got a nice chunk o’ change burning a hole in your pocket and you want to get your hands on a high quality imaging machine, but you don’t feel like fiddling around with a lot of lenses, then the RX1 may be just what you’re looking for.  If this one high quality lens will be enough, then the expense of the RX1 almost makes sense…  almost, because you’ll get everything you need for $2,800 ($3,500 with the EVF) vs. spending $2,000 plus for a premium DSLR body and tacking on the expense of several premium quality lenses.  You’ll also get some nice video features like a mic input, etc.  But will that one lens be enough, especially at that price?  It will be interesting to see what happens with the RX1 and to watch where Sony goes from here.

Final Analysis:

At $2,800, it’s unbelievable that this (or any) camera wouldn’t come with an EVF, and unless you want to blow up your images to huge proportions to display on say…  your garage door, the 35 mm “full frame” sensor really shouldn’t make much of a difference for you.  In fact, of the two cameras that Steve shows off in the video, we would recommend saving $1,800 and going for the Sony NEX 6, which is another dynamite new camera with loads of new features, such as a built in EVF, Tilt Screen, Wi-Fi connectivity and a barrage of apps on the way that will no doubt take it’s functionality to new and higher levels altogether…  and it’s 16 mp sensor will be more than enough for 99% of the people out there.  Of course, if image quality is your thing, then we might even recommend checking out the Fuji X-Pro1 or even the new X-E1, both of which cost thousands less than the RX1 – and the Fuji sensors pop out even better images than the Sonys (in our opinion), and the Sonys produce AMAZING pictures!  If you’ve really got your heart set on the fixed lens scenario, your really like the RX1 but you don’t have $2,800 to pony up, then you might even want to check out the RX1’s little brother the RX100, which has a 20.2 Exmor CMOS sensor.

Check out the RX1 and our other recommended cameras below:


Synnergy08 says:

What’s the point of shooting macro with a 35mm?
Nearly $700 for an electronic viewfinder? What does Sony think it is? Leica?
That miniature Hubble telescope doesn’t seem very thought through either. You don’t see any settings, you don’t see your focus… You only see your framing.
They should just make a vertical grip for it like they did for the OM-D E-M5, that feels great. Then there would be no reason to get that thumb thingy, because I don’t believe that would help much.

zxzhisian says:

beautiful camera only if they remove the pointless stupid ugly orange ring.

DirectX3 says:

I wonder what Sony had given Steve…?? For this much of a d camera, market is target the semi or pro photographers, make sense…? Will the pros use this camera to do their pro works, I doubt of it. That why is so good of it…? perform but not in the right side of market. That is an odd product to me and sure for many others. I hope not many amatures to be fooled by this.

aluxious says:

Hey stupid, did you even read the post? You don’t know what you’re talking about so you stfu

luminousoctaves says:

Pros pros pros pros and no cons… this is not a review, it’s a cash transaction. Terrible.

ironkatia says:

$600 for an EVF, You’ve got be kidding me. I do hardcore street photography under bridges with junkies and prostitutes and it would probably just break off. Should have been built into the camera. I’m getting the new Fujifilm X-E1 over this, And whats with the ugly non-discrete orange ring? Other then that it does look like a beautifully designed classic camera but we really need a built in viewfinder. The only people who are going to be using the LSD are blind people and little children.

wjwphotography says:

i prefer 50mm. hope that they make one one day 🙂

Tribalsummon says:

Zeiss 16-35 f2.8 , Sony 70-200 f2.8 G SSM, Sony 300 f2.8 G

Douglas Pavani says:

dude really, why use b/w really stfu

igetsmart says:

Nice review as always. RX1 probably the best street photography camera around. Lighter and more flexible than the Red Dot Camera and lot less money 🙂 – The purists will find ways to try to knock the RX1 as I think some just can’t accept that Sony is making in rode into premier camera market. I am a Nikon user in DSLR’s but have NEX7 5n & RX100 & recognize how good they are in their size categories

zpardos says:

Is it at all awkward to have the viewfinder accessory in the center instead of off to the left?

ashtonkonon says:


aryan raw says:

what the name of the music at the end of the video? digitrev use it also

rzero21 says:

Sony have all those lenses you mention, with comparable optical quality or L lenses. The only thing that I don’t like from Sony is that they charge more or the same for lenses without Optical Stabilization compared to Canon or Nikon with Optical Stabilization..

Joe Ogiba says:

$650 for the OLED EVF ?

jdm9499 says:

I have a hunch Sony will no longer be sending Steve anymore of their cameras once they see this video. Edge of the ledge? With the weight of the camera strap on the other side? A fart would have blown that thing right off. I cringed when seeing that…YIKES, Steve!

Michael Gerrard says:

When I win the lottery I will have one of these ;-)

JogBird says:

for ultimate image quality i prefer a DSLR with interchangeable lenses.. for a pocket camera, the RX100 is good enough and i light that it zooms

tedmaulz says:

i have a NEX7 and i thought that was overpriced…

RzingHeart says:

This go-back-into-body lens design reminds me of a FF Ricoh GXR Unit.

CRANKYONE100 says:

but the main reason i would buy a full canon is the usual Steve…..Does Sony make a 16-35 2.8 OR 70-200 2.8…OR a 300mm 2.8? of L quality?

MrCreator991 says:

Does it beat the D4 in your opinion, let’s say with the Zeiss 35/2 (especially at ISO 1600 and higher :D)

Rowland Wan says:

Hi Steve, thank you for sharing this great video. Can’t wait to see your full review 🙂
By the way, I think one reason why the image quality of RX1 is better than the α99 is that translucent mirror, which will reduce 0.3 EV of the light and reduce the sharpness and details of the image.
And can you post some more jellyfish pics in your full review? I really like the one you took with nex6 and 35 1.8 😛

CrOaTiAnN1 says:

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TopGear543 says:

Great review, is the EVF in the A99 the same one in the Nex 6

TopGear543 says:

Please do review of Nex 6

超 高 says:

Thanks for your sharing! Checked Youtube everyday for RX1’s review. I sold my D800 for this masterpiece

dannynowak38 says:

It’s….beautiful. People, hold on to your wives…

Ferdinand Yu says:

does the AF speed fast?

cloestine says:

nex 6 review coming soon? 🙂

TheTukTuk2008 says:

Steve, you have so many cameras in your pocket but none which can do a proper close-up video? Meh!

ThianYong Chan says:

Great…! More of this kind of review pls..:)

blurayffan66 says:

Nice review Steve, as always. Sony certainly seem to be doing some amazing things with their cameras at the moment.

Khari99 says:

any idea on using a grip with the EVF?? if it cant be a thumbgrip, is there any better option? im just worried cause it looks like this small camrea is definitely gonna need a grip imo

Magnus Caitlin says:

Steve, why on earth aren’t you using the video to actually show us something? For example AF?

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