Fiilex LED Lights for Portrait Photography

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As the era of Hybrid Photography takes hold (and it IS taking hold…  faster than any of us expected at this point), the need for always on LED lighting solutions becomes more and more prevalent.  In the video above, Chris Niccolls and the CameraStore Crew and special guest Rob Caleffi take a hands on look at some of the newest LED offerings from Fiilex.

TCS Reports…

LEDs are quickly becoming an enormously popular way to light videos, but there are very few affordable, modifiable lights. The Fiilex P360 is an extremely versatile light, compatible with many light modifiers. To test these very cool LEDs, we hooked up with Rob Caleffi to test the Fiilex system in the studio.

My 2 Cents

There are more and more LED light systems coming out every day, but not all LEDs are created equal.  You’ll find that some of the cheaper lights out there suffer from color variance issues (i.e. – they skew towards green) that may affect your videos.  The Fiilex lights look promising, and I look forward to getting some hands on time, at which time we’ll provide you with our own analysis.

Check out the 311 LED Lighting Kit (3 light LED system) from Fiilex Here


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