Fuji X-100s Feels the Need for Speed – Autofocus, That Is…

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PetaPixel posted an article (and the video above) about the “blazing fast autofocus speed” of the new Fuji X-100s compact digital camera.  As we noted in an earlier post, Fuji’s focus in 2013 is on speed, and with their new X-Trans II sensor, Fuji appear to have succeeded in adding that speed to the top of class image quality of their sensors.

PetaPixel Reports

“When Fujifilm announced the X100s last week, it made the bold claim that the camera had the world’s fastest autofocus system among cameras of the same class. Sluggish autofocus was one of the big complaints owners of the X100 had, so for this latest refresh, the company focused its attention on making the camera faster.”

PetaPixel captured the video above during a brief hands-on time with the camera.  It’s not an in-depth test in any way, shape or form, but it does offer a taste of what “world’s fastest AF” looks like in the flesh.

PetaPixel goes on to say >>  “Fujifilm claims that the camera can focus in 0.08 seconds thanks to its new EXR Processor II and its new X-Trans II sensor (which is equipped with new phase detection pixels). That figure seems to be accurate.

With faster operation and the introduction of new manual focusing aids (focus peaking and split image focusing), two of the biggest complaints photographers had with the original X100 are no more.

It looks like Fujifilm has a big winner on its hands with this new camera — at least among photographers willing to shell out $1300 on a fixed-lens camera.  (Read article on PetaPixel)

My 2 Cents

This is just further evidence that Fuji have solved some of the biggest problems in their X-Series cameras.  When they add this new technology to cameras like the X-Pro1 and X-E1, which (faults and all) are already favorites of my photo purist colleagues, there may very well be a new contender for king of the hybrid mountain.  Stay Tuned!

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