Fuji X-E1 In Depth Review

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Pro Photographer Frank Doorhof of StudioFD posted a great in depth review of the Fuji X-E1, Fuji’s smaller and lighter followup to the highly acclaimed X-Pro1.

Here are Frank’s conclusions:  What’s not to like about the FujiFilm cameras… well maybe if you like the brick look of some of the competition, or if you really want something big and heavy in your hands. But when I look at the camera, the results, the focus speed, etc. etc. I just think that the X-E1 is the perfect companion for the travel/street photographer and will really make you think twice about taking your DSLR with you, because to be honest with the new zoom lenses I think there is no need to bring the DSLR on a trip.

I would buy the Fuji X-E1 in a heartbeat and honestly think that at this time it’s the system that gives you the best performance, best image quality and produces some great glass…. and let’s be honest it’s just incredibly Sexy :D (Read full review on frankdoohof.com)

Our Take:  While it’s not the top of the class in the video department, the X-E1 (and it’s big brother, the X-Pro1) certainly take the honors when it comes to producing absolutely gorgeous still photos.  This is the closest thing to film that you’ll find.  There are only a few native lenses available at the time of this writing, but the ones that Fuji does have are excellent.  We highly recommend the X-E1.

Check out the Fuji X-E1 Here


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