Fuji X-E1 review – vs X Pro 1

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Matt Granger of PhotoNewsReviews compares the Fuji X-E1 to it’s bigger brother, the X-Pro 1.

X-E1 is like the X Pro 1 at fighting weight – trimmed of a few features to reduce the price. But how does it compare?  These cameras represent the first generation of Fuji’s X-Series Cameras, and are a monumental achievement in the area of image quality, where they are at the top of the class.  Where the X-E1 and X-Pro1 are lacking however, is in autofocus performance and overall speed, especially in low light.  That being said though, the X-Series cams are favorites among the MC contributors who have used them – translation, experienced photographers who aren’t afraid of manual control of the camera and who expect superb image quality – and the X-Series cameras deliver in that area and then some.  You’ll get incredible, almost film like images out of these cameras.

Head to Head

The X-Pro1 and X-E1 pack the same first generation X-Trans Sensor and Image processor, which is designed to provide the ultimate in sharpness and resolution, so that’s a push.  They also have pretty much the same control layout.

But the cameras differ in the following xe1-xpro1

The X-Pro1

  • is bigger
  • has a Hybrid Viewfinder (combination of optical and electronic viewfinder) and a higher resolution screen on the back
  • delivers 6fps burst mode vs 3fps for the X-E1

The X-E1

  • is smaller (about 20% thinner and 10% lighter than the X-Pro1)
  • has a pop-up flash
  • incorporates a standard microphone input jack (although neither of these cameras would be my first choice for video)
  • will deliver about 50 more shots per battery charge

Fuji are definitely King of the Image Quality Mountain, but the first generation X-Series Cameras  are lacking when it comes to autofocus, especially in low light. Again, no big deal if you’re an experienced photographer who likes to have more manual control when shooting. But if you’re not so experienced or you like to relay a little more on autofocus, etc. – then there’s good news for you too. Fuji just launched the new X-100s fixed lens compact camera at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, NV last week, and that camera (along with the new X-20) feature an all new Fuji X-Trans II Sensor and Image Processor, and look to have blazing fast autofocus capabilities.

Where 2012 was about image quality. This year, Fuji are focusing on speed – and it looks like they’re going to be at the head of the pack in that race too.

Check out the Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X-E1, X-100s and X-20 Here


pubesicle says:

Sorry mate, didn’t wish to offend, it’s just that the parallels are uncanny. Especially the part where you two get the babes.

PhotoNewsReviews says:

again with the John Safran call?

PhotoNewsReviews says:

fair enough

philj212 says:

you mentioned the omd em5

PhotoNewsReviews says:

i am not comparing systems – both use same lenses. I did do a vide on the lenses previously

philj212 says:

why no mention of the lenses that comes with it? (and will come in the near future) that is a huge point when when comparing to another system.

pubesicle says:

Missed you John Safran.
Good review.

sampreap says:

Do you have yellow fever?

PhotoNewsReviews says:

you’re crazy (enjoy)

thereisnocutlery says:

Call me crazy, but I’m gonna get the x-pro 1. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and I really like it. I think it handles better (grip + viewfinder) than the xe-1 and that matters a lot to me.

PhotoNewsReviews says:

fingers crossed

Sergio78351 says:

Great review. I recently tried out both of these cameras I love the X-Series designs but every camera has a short coming. The X100 didn’t have interchangeable lenses. The X Pro1 didn’t have an external mic input. The XE1 doesn’t have an optical view finder. I hope Fuji does a X-Pro2 soon with all the goodies or I’m going to get the OMD.

bubblewski says:

It’s time to give Tina her own mic.

PhotoNewsReviews says:

most likely yeah

rawcre8tive says:

LOL Tina is gonna get you back for sure Matt. Great comparison!

DeRose05 says:


david smith says:

hi matt, what makes you contemplate to get ex-1 over oly omd em5? does ex-1 better than omd em5 in terms of image quality(like iso, etc…)?

thatnikonguy says:

what object did I make her? Other than a small person? (which she already is)

thatnikonguy says:

she is a good friend – i tease everyone – and she gives as good as she gets. Sorry if it offends – however I won’t change the way we interact whilst we both enjoying ourselves

thatnikonguy says:

will try

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Zuru100 says:

Bang on.

marcohordijk says:

She’s laughing about it, you should try it too, it’s healthy.


I wished Mat wouldn’t be rude to Tina, even if it was a joke…

Steven Scholten says:

LOL yah but I’m not one of them

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