Fuji X Pro 1 Mirrorless Camera Review

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The Fujifilm X Pro 1 offers a unique set of features, some ground-breaking technology you have to see to believe, world class low light and high ISO image quality, and a bold price tag that makes you think it’s got to be one of the best cameras you can buy. But is it? Behind it’s cool or not cool neo-retro styling, there’s a real (and real different) mirrorless camera and new series of legendary Fujifilm lenses that want to be the centerpiece of your photo and video image making process. No matter if you’re a photo enthusiast or a working pro photographer you will quickly see that the X Pro 1 is refreshing, inspiring…. as well as frustrating and a little disappointing to some.

Best Pricing on the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 16MP Digital Camera


karanmitra1 says:

Which firmware version were you using for the review? Thanks!

karanmitra1 says:

Precise, to the point and funny. Thanks for the review!

shootsmarterdude says:

Thanks Mario, lots more to come my friend!

shootsmarterdude says:

Hiya, Thanks for the kind words! We are getting LOTS of requests and suggestions on exactly what you are asking for. There are so many new ways, tools, aps and services that allow you to do more with the photo files and videos files you create. I’m personally fascinated with the ease of picking and choosing from the various options for editing images, displaying images, and transforming photos and videos and graphics into really cool – but short! – “mini movies”. Love ’em!

shootsmarterdude says:

Hi, yes we will be presenting many, many more mirrorless systems that are lower in price. We have the Olympus EPL and EP3 coming up very soon, and I hope to get my hands on the new Lumix GF5 next week too. Lots more coming your way. The Lumix GX1 review is up on my shootsmarterdude channel if you want to see?

0630562 says:

Nice review ! But stil pretty expansive stuff…are you going to review cheaper mirrorless cam?

ndpratas says:

You sir, rock! Seriously, keep this reviews comming. I would very much like that you did some introducing video with real live examples about why should we buy a mirrorless camera. Maybe not just an introduction, maybe a video series to help us to “see the light”.
Anyway, I thank you very much for this fantastic review.

mariopring says:

Outstanding & very straight to the point review. Keep up the good work!

kerol1166 says:

What a great review, very professionally done, kudos

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