Fuji X-Pro1 Hands-On Field Test with Samples

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Chris Niccolls from The Camera Store had the chance to spend an evening shooting with the new Fuji X-Pro1. Check out the features, lens options, and hybrid viewfinder while seeing video and low light images from this amazing new camera. Special thanks to Fuji Canada Shot by Jordan Drake Filmed on the Panasonic AF100


NikkLJs says:

To focus closer on the X100 and XPro1 without using the Macromode: Simply switch to EVF, Manual focus and the AF Lock button 😉

arhammdali90 says:

What camera bag are you using Chris, a Think Tank?

paulhojda says:

haha why the hell would you drive a lada niva. you conldn’t have possibly picked anything worse :))))

bichonfrisegallery says:

I enjoyed the thorough video. The 6400 ISO pics were great, but the video awful. The video almost looked like the old MPEG videos on cheap compact point and shoots. The sound was terrible. The quality does not justify the Fuji price. Way overpriced for a camera that doesn’t deliver.

bichonfrisegallery says:

From the video I see in this video of the X-Pro1, the Nex-5N is wayyyy better! The sound on the Fuji is terrible, the NEX-5N excellent. (I have the Nex-5N) The Nex-7 should be similar to the NEX-5N video. I have 5N video on my channel.

gobuk90 says:

banyak cakap daripada tangkap gambar,,,,hahahah

rival101010 says:

nice camera for lazy idiots

curlyfry562 says:

Thanks for making such high quality reviews.

shootsmarterdude says:

Hi Jordan, Right on, I agree with you on all counts. If you would like to see my reviews of those two cameras, please do. There’s a “Real Life Review” playlist on our shootsmarterdude youtube channel that has them both. Personally, I prefer the X Pro, but the NEX is a smart choice for most photographers (and it’s a little less of a bite in the wallet too!) Thanks for sharing your opinion Jordan.

shootsmarterdude says:

Hi Chris, Well done piece here sir, thanks. We too share your enthusiasm for the finder on this camera. One thing I discovered was that by flipping the lever to the wide optical view while using a longer lens on the camera lets me shoot events where the subject moves into the frame with great timing. It will show a white box in the finder where the lens cutoff is, then another 30% of space around it. If I don’t need that extra space, I pull the lever and toggle it back to full frame view.

desmondjy says:

It’s not a rangefinder damn it. Do your homework, Chris.

myinvctus says:

have you tried using old manual focus lens and an adapter with this camera? how is it?

WetOct0puS says:

yeah thats try , btw was would you say to a Leica m9 owner with summicron lens which cost over 12k $ for both ? =)

WetOct0puS says:

this guy really sells it

hmahmo says:

Great review, thank you.

SweetHubby82 says:

that Fuji worth more than the Car, just saying, i love 1 cars.

Nicolas Larrea says:

good to see a very positive review of the x-pro 1 🙂

photographerjonathan says:

I hope the next fuji xpro 1 has auto focus like the OMD, then it would be an amazing camera, and it would be cool if it looked more like the OMD also, I used the omd for one day, and I was very impressed with it, the one i used had the extra battery grip, the focus was really cool to use and the image quality really impressed me, but I think the fuji xpro image quality is sweet, just wish it had the sweet auto focus, but according to Chris Niccolls in this video, the auto focus is good, hmmmmmmm

stefano nobile says:

ahahha not quality ..full frame is best

stefano nobile says:

5d mark 2 is better..guy iron man film is with 5d”””

launica204 says:

Thanks for the input progie!

progie says:

x pro no doubt

progie says:

Om d is 2010 technolgy. If you are on a budget and af is very important, get the Olympus. If you can afford the x pro1 and don’t mind the slower focus buy it. The advantages of the higher image quality is astounding. It really is as good as my Leica 111f.

Miyakishmyak says:

This guy is a schmuck. This is not a fucking rangefinder you, Mongoloid!!!

shinybbq says:

Stop calling this bloody thing a rangefinder. It’s not.

Gr0man says:

тачка супер. фотик сойдет.

Catalina3600 says:


LazyDakota says:

Why Niva? How the hell?

2000xlt says:

$1699 is way beyond what i want to spend

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