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Pro Photo Phenom David Hobby just put the following post up on Google + …

“After just a few weeks with the new FujiFIlm X100s, it is already my favorite camera I have ever owned.”

That’s high praise indeed from someone as renowned as David, who has no doubt handled hundreds of cameras over the years, and now he’s posted his in depth review on theStobist.

Strobist FujiFilm X100s Review Highlights…

“Reader’s Digest Version: It’s a remarkable, sync-at-any-speed camera with a no-apologies 16mp chip. I’ll probably make more pictures with this camera over the next year than all of my other cameras combined.

Why, below…


It Sees in the Dark

With great high ISO performance, a lens that is respectable wide open at f/2, and a camera that is sooo hand-holdable at slow shutter speeds, if you can see it you can shoot it.

Sync at Any Speed

The sweet spot with the X100s is to shoot on (L)100 ISO, at 1/1000th of a sec at f/2 with the built-in 3-stop ND filter engaged. That will underexpose full daylight. You can then overpower the sun with a small flash and shoot wide open in the process for gorgeous backgrounds at f/2.

Choose Your Palette

Within any preset, you can alter and fine-tweak white balances. But you can also tweak the contrast curve, too, as opposed to just the overall contrast.

These tonal controls also apply to black and white, as do a series of color filter overlays.

Speaking of White Balance

The custom white balance is outstanding. It’s better than auto white balance (which it also has) because you grab a custom WB exposure just like with a high-end DSLR. Except it is better than most.

Hip to Be Square

In addition to the 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios, you can choose square. It’s a mind gimmick of course, but one that helps me see shots differently.


Yep, it does built-in “advanced” filters. This is the kind of Instagrammy stuff is something I would normally turn my nose up at. But few of the filters are pretty cool.

Finally, Pitch-Perfect Focusing

The autofocus is light years ahead of its predecessor. Fast and sure, even in near-dark. Which is cool because you will be shooting in the dark with this camera. And as good as the autofocus is, the manual focus is better.

Is it The Perfect Camera?

Nope, nothing is. But it’s close. Actually, for what it is, it is damn close.

Fuji Is the New Leica

Essentially, what you have in the X100s is a tiny, super capable camera with fast, sharp glass that handles like a Leica M. The 16MP X-Trans chip is the best APS-sized chip I have seen—in skin tones, high ISO and sharpness. It is also insanely customizable. And silent.

David’s Prediction…

…this will be the personal, auxiliary camera of many a working photographer and photojournalist. Heck, it’ll be the prime body for many, as this is a camera you could build a career on.

Should X100 Owners Upgrade?

David’s advice – “If you are totally in love with your X100 and use it a lot, sell it right now and upgrade if you can afford it.”  (Read full review and see sample images  on theStobist – video above is a first look at the Fuji X100s by Billy Luong of the Fuji Guys)

My 2 Cents

These are just some highlights of David’s review, and I highly recommend that you click over to read the whole thing.  But one thing is certain, he’s impressed with the Fuji X100s.  And with an X-Trans II sensor, EXR II processing technology, a fast and bright Fujinon Lens, Hybrid Viewfinder, lightning fast autofocus and cool retro styling, there’s a lot there to catch your attention.  Factor in the beautiful images this little darlin’ will produce once it gets into your hands and this could be love at first snap.

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