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One of the latest reviews on the Fuji X100s Premium Fixed Lens Compact Camera come courtesy of thePhoblographer, and it looks like yet another reputable source is impressed with the newest offering from Fuji.  With it’s phenomenal X-Trans II sensor, EXR II processing technology, a fast and bright Fujinon Lens, Hybrid Viewfinder, lightning fast autofocus and cool retro styling, the Fuji X100s is winning admirers throughout the industry.  So lets take a look at the new Premium Compact on the block…

Fuji X100s Specs

  • 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • EXR Processor II
  • Intelligent Hybrid Autofocus (with AF speed up to 0.08 seconds)
  • Start-up time of 0.5 seconds
  • Shutter time lag of 0.01 seconds
  • Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds
  • High Definition Hybrid Viewfinder (Optical + Electronic)
  • FUJINON 23mm F2 fixed lens
  • Revolutionary Digital Split Image display
  • Focus Peaking function
  • High-contrast and wide viewing-angle 2.8inch Premium Clear LCD (460K dots)
  • Super Intelligent Flash
  • Burst shooting rate of up to 6 frames per second at full resolution (max 29 frames)
  • Artistic filters
  • Full HD video recording (60fps / 30fps)

Phoblographer’s Pros and Cons


– Excellent image quality

– High ISO images are almost noise free

– Drastically improved autofocus

– Super quiet shutter

– The camera retains all of the controls of the X100 being put in just the right spot

– Card write speed has been substantially improved

– Small and super lightweight camera that can become your constant companion


– We’d love a dial for ISO control. Perhaps incorporating this into the shutter speed dial the same way that old film cameras used to would be best.

– Autofocus suffers in low light

– The lens should have received a revamp in terms of optics

– Really wish there was a switch around the lens for the ND filter

Wish that the shutter could sync with flashes up to 1/2000th. Currently, it can do it to 1/1000th Correction: it can only sync so fast with PocketWizards


There isn’t much terrible to say about the X100s. The sensor performance is excellent, the autofocus performance in good light is outstanding but could be better in low light, and the overall build quality is really quite good too. As is, the camera is rather exceptional, but could do with some minor improvements. For example, with the bump in megapixels, we would’ve liked to have seen an optical update to the lens–at least one that we could see. Additionally, an ISO dial would have been a very welcome addition as well if it were incorporated into the shutter dial in the same fashion as the way older film rangefinders used to do it.   Otherwise though, I’m sad to see this camera go as I need to return it to Fujifilm. But it is highly recommended by us and I may even end up picking one up soon.  (Read full review on thePhoblographer)

My 2 Cents

If you’re in the market for a Premium Compact Camera, then the Fuji X100s is tough to beat.  Though it may look like it’s predecessor, Fuji made great strides in addressing the issues of an already excellent camera.  No camera is perfect, but the Fuji X100s is pushing a lot of the right buttons for photographers across the globe.

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