Fuji X100s vs Fuji X-E1 vs Sony RX1 – Battle fo the X’es

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Kai, Alamby, Lok C and the DigitalRevTV Crew strap on the gear for a 3 camera battle royale between the new Fuji X100s, Fuji X-E1 and the Sony RX1.  Which camera will come out on top in the Battle of the X’es?

DRTV writes…

In this video, we take a look at the fabulous Fujifilm X100s and ponder whether it’s the best x camera around by comparing it to the XE1 and the Sony RX1…but the team don’t get away without doing something rather typical of DRTV.

My 2 Cents

These are 3 fantastic cameras, two of which (the X-E1 and RX100) were among our favorite cameras of 2012 (the X100s came out in 2013, but would’ve surely made the list).  Who ultimately wins this battle will mostly boil down to a matter of personal preference.  For example, I personally like the image quality provided by Fuji’s X-Trans sensors, but there’s no denying the delicious IQ provided by the 35mm Sony sensor in the RX1 too.

  • All three cameras will take breathtaking still photos.
  • I would give the nod to the Sony for video.
  • If you like interchangeable lens cameras, then the X-E1 is the choice here.
  • For compact cameras, I would personally choose the X100s because it’s much more complete (built in Hybrid Viewfinder, lighting fast autofocus) and less than half the price of the RX1.
  • For Hybrid Camera, I would go with the RX1 because it’s much more video friendly than the Fuji’s.

Which way YOU choose to go will depend upon YOUR needs, and you can’t go wrong with any of these cameras.

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