Fujifilm Finepix X20 Camera First Look Preview

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WhatDigitalCamera takes a look at the new Fuji X-20 fixed lens compact digital camera.

The X20 is the successor to Fuji’s popular X-10 compact camera.  Although the new camera is loaded up with Fuji’s all new X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR II processing technology, the sensor maintains the same 2/3in dimensions and 12MP pixel count of the X10.

As part of their new autofocus system, the sensor now has phase-detection pixels built into its array, which are said to help the camera to achieve autofocus speeds of up to 0.06sec – a major improvement over previous versions.

The camera also sports a revised optical viewfinder construction, with a new Digital Trans Panel for the display of shooting information such as aperture and ISO.

As with the X10, the viewfinder moves in tandem with the lens, maintaining an 85% coverage throughout the focal range, and features a sensor to alternate between displaying the viewfinder data and the LCD.

The X-20 borrows the same 2.8″ 460,000 dot LCD display from it’s predecessor as well as the X-10’s 28-112mm f/2-2.8 lens, which includes an optical stabilization system said to be effective for up to four EV stops.

At $599 USD, the Fuji X-20 enters a crowded space already occupied by the Sony RX100 ($648 USD), Panasonic LX7 ($399 USD) and the new Pentax MX1 ($499 USD).

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Elaine Dudzinski says:

Fuji should have made the sensor the same size as the Sony RX100. that would have been great.

Stere0guy says:

Dude here is some free advice for you. If your job is pick up cameras with your hands and show close up shots of cameras and you know you are going to be doing a camera review the night before then cut your finger nails! Do you touch your girlfriend with those hands?


why 85%? x10 has 100% but without the electronic thingy if im not mistaken..

Billa says:

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Will Rhyins says:

Add a Leica 28mm optical finder & you’re all set! The built-in optical viewfinder may be good for tourism, but not real shooting. I wonder if Fujifilm will listen & produce a 28mm finder–so I don’t have to go retro with an overpriced Leitz one? So far, so good. Fujifilm has to be one of the most responsive mfgrs to user feedback–thanks for listening Fujifilm. Bravo!

igetsmart says:

Now with this new sensor – still smaller then the Sony RX100 – How does it compare with the RX100? Smaller sensor but a brighter lens when zoomed – 2-2.8 vs 1.8-4.9 on Rx100 – Is IQ as good ? Sony still having some advantages like no lens cover and smaller – but X20 has better looks 🙂 I could now see the X20 better in low light when zoomed – but have a feeling video is still better on Sony RX100 – please provide your input

acousticems says:

Depends on what you are going to use it for. No zoom on the x100, but a better sensor + better viewfinder and easy control over aperture and shutterspeed.

57enough says:

Waiting for the x100s black edtion to come out…

Martin Polák says:

It looks amazing but only 85% viewfinder coverage??

andysnap says:

My X10 is a superb camera, and it’s almost hard to believe it could be improved. But Fuji has, and how! The X20 could well be the most remarkable compact camera ever… I will have to upgrade from my X10!

Michael Topham says:

When this video was created the pricing of the X20 wasn’t available. Since then Fujifilm have announced the price – it’ll cost £499 and just like the X100S, it’s expected to be available at Focus on Imaging 2013.

FocalStopFilms says:

Ah you have a good point there. I guess I am thinking in general. Proper composition and knowing what you really wanna shoot may help there. I do hate cropping, in fact that is the one thing I avoid. I do see you point if you crop most of the time then yeah 🙂

EDHBlvd says:

You didn’t mention the focus location confirmation in the trans panel within the viewfinder. This is a big deal feature over the X10.

Markus Arike says:

Looks absolutely fantastic. Should be better than the X10 in every way, in particular the PDAF, Viewfinder info display, and 1080p60 video a 36 mbps. There are few cameras in this class that are as interesting as this new X20.

nxdboi says:

@frankie28web Im going to go ahead and assume you JUST bought an x10 and are now mad because you should have waited for this to come out.. Because the x20 is pretty much better in EVERY way..

frankie28web says:

what an ugly camera! the view finder looks terrible. fuji ruined the x10…

yimmybla says:

Anybody have a release date or price?

DeeJay Freezing says:

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Maverick Meetze says:

get rid of the flash and move the viewfinder alittle more

mucalinda says:

I know all that. But with a camera like this that has a fixed lens it helps if you have the Mps to crop a bit. If you have something like 16 or 18 Mpixels it gives you a bit of extra leeway

WhatDigitalCamera says:

Thanks for the input Carl. Hope the video was useful.

Alberto Cerini says:

old x100 or new x20? i start thinking about the second

carlwilkerson says:

No re: white orbs. The new X-Trans sensor has eliminated it.

jh3835 says:

Looks good…kind of leica-ish

FocalStopFilms says:

It is not all about the high mega-pixel count, it is all about general or overall performance. The Fuji x20 has bigger sensor 2/3″ unlike the Canon G15/s110 which is 1/1.7″ sensors. The bigger sensors the better performance especially in low light. You can have a high MPixel count but if your going to a small sensor then that would cause noise and slower performance etc. I don’t work for Fuji, just helping you to see what to look for in current camera technology. Peace…

BatakGemblung says:

does it still have the same white orbs problem?

mucalinda says:

Looks like a nice little camera. It’s a pity they didn’t go a bit higher on the Mpixels though.

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