FujiFilm X-E1 Overview

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Warrick Williams of FujiFilm Australia discusses some of the features of the new FujiFilm X-E1 Compact System Camera.

Take Warrick’s comments for what they are. He does, after all, work for Fuji – so he’s only going to talk about the positive stuff. That being said though, there’s a lot of positive stuff to talk about with the X-E1. It’s the little brother of Fuji’s flagship CSC, the X-Pro1, and shares a LOT of that camera’s features, including the sensor and processor, only in a smaller body and with a smaller pricetag. Like the X-Pro1, the new X-E1 also sports the classic “rangefinder” style body that is so much the rage these days. It also takes Fuji’s X-Mount lenses. And while it lacks the X-Pro1’s Hybrid Viewfinder, it does sport and OLED Electronic Viewfinder with an eye-popping 2.36 Million dot resolution. The X-E1 also adds a microphone input jack that the X-Pro1 doesn’t have. The FujiFilm X-E1 also won the coveted “photokina STAR 2012” award honoring products and concepts that stand out for their innovative nature and their trendsetting technologies.

If it matches it’s big brother in production quality, then expect the X-E1 to spit out some of the most stunning, organic looking images that you’ll get from ANY camera.

The biggest possible minus that we can see at this point would be the auto-focus speed, especially in low light. This is where the X-Pro1 struggles the most, and until we can get our hands on the X-E1 top see if Fuji have addressed this, we’re going to assume it has the same drawbacks as the X-Pro1 – But stay tuned… An X-E1 is now on it’s way to MC contributor Giulio Sciorio, and we’ll give you our official take and full analysis as soon as Giulio takes it out for a test drive.

Check out the Fuji X-E1 below:


FujifilmAustralia says:

Hi @7DeFinitive7 thanks for stopping buy. We were so pleased to hear the X-E1 won the coveted Photokina STAR 2012 award last month. You can read all about it on our website (link pasted in the description)

zeroedout says:

Fix the AF, EVF lag and improve the video on the next version then you have a perfect camera. til then I dont think I’m buying this yet.

7DeFinitive7 says:

I’ll go watch some neutral reviews, I’m sure it’s a very good camera but the OM-D might just be the one for me.

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