Getting the Color Right – Is Auto (White Balance) a Four Letter Word?

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Four professional photographers and a regional rep from X-Rite engage in a conversation about getting the color right from your digital camera.

Everyone wants the color in their images to be “spot on” and eliminate things like purple Star Trek looking grass or orange Ooompa Loompa skin tones on the people (apologies to Snooki from Jersey Shore ~_^).  But can we rely on the vastly improved Auto White Balance features on today’s Camera Systems or should we “auto” know better than to use AWB.

What are the best practices for getting color right, whether it’s for print or for a Hybrid eProduct? Which brings up another great question…  How can you effectively match the colors of the stills and videos that you use in your Hybrid eProducts so that they work together as one whole, telling the story without distracting differences between the stills and video?

This conversation is jam-packed with how to’s and best practices!

Joining in the Hangout:

  • Brenda Hipsher, X-Rite
  • Chuck Jones, Digital Media Producer
  • Gary Poole, Color Division Manager for
  • Lynette Kent, Writer & Professional Photographer
  • Carol Schlintz, Dreamer & Portrait/Sports Professional Photographer

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