GoPro HERO 3: Black Edition – Some of the Coolest Footage Ever from One of the Smallest Cameras!

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One of the great things about mirrorless cameras is that there’s such amazing and powerful technology being built in to small bodies that fit in the palm of your hand and capture incredible images. GoPro cameras don’t just fit in the palm of your hand though, they also fit on a headband, surfboard, bike handlebar, car, ATV, snowboard, skateboard, hula-hoop (yeah – we’re not kidding) or just about anywhere else you can think of… and these cameras will go anywhere you want to go – whether you’re jumping out of a plane, skiing, surfing, diving underwater, or being blasted into orbit. Now doubt about it, GoPro Cameras can produce some of the coolest POV (Point Of View) footage that you’ll ever see, and EOSHD have posted an awesome video shot with the new GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition (be sure to watch it in full screen mode).

Here’s EOSHD’s video description: The Wi-Fi enabled HERO3: Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro, ever. No expense was spared during its development, resulting in a GoPro that is 30% smaller, 25% lighter & 2X more powerful than previous models. New resolutions and frame-rates include 4Kp 15, 2.7kp 30, 1080p 60, 1440p 48, 960p 100, 720p 120 and 12MP burst photo capture at 30 fps. Yes, for real.

Sit back and enjoy the HERO3: Black Edition in all its glory.

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Here’s EOSHD’s Conclusion:

I think the Hero 3 is a dream POV camera for filmmakers. So my conclusion is that A) I am buying one and that B) it has as much value to filmmakers doing POV and / or action sequences as it does to extreme sports people diving off sheer cliff faces… Which is essentially a metaphor for how brave the Hero 3 is in terms of video specs. Well done to GoPro on this one. I still have no idea how they have done it for $400.

Check out the GoPro Hero 3 Here

FEATURED ATHLETES (in location & order of appearance)

SNOW: (Mt. Cook, New Zealand)

Tom Wallisch
Eric Willett
Julia Mancuso

SKI BASE JUMP: (Earnslaw Burn, New Zealand)

JT Holmes

SURF: (Tahiti, French Polynesia)

Kelly Slater
Anthony Walsh
Manoa Drollet

DIVE: (Vava’u, Tonga)

Mandy Rae Krack
Erin Magee
Ashleigh Baird

MTB: ( Queenstown, New Zealand and Squamish, BC, Canada)

Aaron Chase
Mike Montgomery
Kelly McGarry
Bret Tippy

KAYAK: (Turangi, Taupo, Aratiatia, Whangarei, and Maruia in New Zealand)

Ben Brown
Rush Sturges

MOTO: (San Francisco, CA)

James Rispoli
Josh Herrin
Jake Ellington

AEROBATIC PILOT: (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Chuck Berry


OVERWERK – “Daybreak”
(GoPro HERO3 Edit)


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