GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Review – and an Inspirational Video!

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GoPro is the little camera company that could.  Witness their meteoric rise from obscurity to the undisputed Kings of the POV Camera World in just a few short years.

It seems that there’s nothing that can hold these little cameras back, just like the people who use them.  Case in point – Joe Stone (featured in the video above – to lean more about Joe, you can visit his blog >> In August of 2010, Joe was in a speed flying accident that left him an incomplete c7 quadriplegic. Despite his devastating accident, Joe was determined to regain his outdoor lifestyle, and this past summer, Joe documented his push back into the outdoors, including white water rafting, fly fishing, off road hand cycling, road hand cycling, and some freewheel action, with a GoPro Hero Camera.

The newest addition to the GoPro Family is the Hero3 (Black, Silver and White Editions), and PhotoFocus have written up a Review of the new Hero Cams.

Here’s their conclusion:  The GoPro cameras have come a long way. Major motion picture producers use them. Hobbyists use them. They can be put places “regular” cameras cannot, yet they can do the same job as almost any other camera. I’ve used up to four GoPros when recording myself racing a car, but I’ve also used them to shoot BTS (Behind the scenes) for training purposes. They are what I like to call “set it and forget it” cameras. But with the addition of the GoPro Hero3 Black edition, there is now the opportunity to get near broadcast quality, and to add more interesting stop motion, time lapse and stills to the mix.

With a wide array of accessories, and wide availability (you can get GoPro stuff online, at any big camera store or even at Best Buy) there’s no doubt in my mind that GoPro will continue to dominate the market. It does have competitors, but none of them have the traction or loyalty that GoPro has.

The new GoPro Hero3 series is a revolutionary step for these cameras and if you can afford the Black Edition, you get everything you need to create some amazing stuff. Highly recommended.

(NOTE: Wi-Fi is also available for owners of the older GoPro2 cameras via the Wi-Fi BacPac which is an additional accessory that not only gives the older cameras Wi-Fi capability, but an LCD screen as well. One GoPro Wi-Fi remote can control up to 60 different GoPro cameras.)  (Read full review on PhotoFocus)

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