Happy Easter! Wishing You a Season of Blessings and Miracles

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I’ve been totally diggin’ The Bible Mini Series that’s been playing for the last several weeks on the History Channel.  I congratulate the producers on the wonderful job they did in creating the series and for all the success that it’s had.

No matter what you believe, to me the Bible Series stands as a wonderful reminder that miracles do in fact happen, and it’s up to us as photographers and videographers to document them in whatever form they take.  Whether it’s the beauty of a flower, the smile of a child, the unconditional love of a pet or a simple gesture or good will from one person to another, there are miracles all around us – you only need to open your eyes (and press the shutter button).

So in this season of new beginnings and new life, we at MC would like to extend our best wishes for a Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.  —  SG


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