Hitcase Pro Turns Your iPhone into a GoPro Style Action Camera

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Jay from OpenAirLife takes a look at the Hitcase Pro for iPhone.

HitcaseProThe Hitcase Pro is a waterproof, shockproof case with it’s own built-in wide-angle conversion lens that allows your phone to capture a 170° angle of view.  It’s also equipped with a patent-pending ShockSeal design that protects the phone from the elements while also shielding it from shocks and drops. The Hitcase Pro’s Railslide system makes it easy to mount to just about anything by utilizing its auto-locking functionality and one-button trigger release – and it’s even compatible with GoPro mounts.

The sample footage above looks great, just as we would expect.  After all, the iPhone is a decent little camera in it’s own right.  And the Hitcase Pro just won a Fresh Award as one of the most innovative new consumer products of 2013.

The Hitcase Pro for iPhone 4/4s sells for $97.95 on Amazon.  Unfortunately, there currently doesn’t seem to be a model available for the iPhone 5, but stay tuned…

Buy the Hitcase Pro on Amazon Here


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