How the iPhone is Changing Photography

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“The Best Camera is the one you have with you…”

Say it with me now, folks.  I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it bears repeating because the best (or at least, the most popular) camera in the world is in fact, the one you have with you.

Case in point, Apple’s iPhone is now the most used camera in the world.  Just go to any concert or public event and you’ll be sure to see hundreds of people with their iPhones held high above their heads snapping pictures or rolling video (note:  if you’re rolling video, please turn the darned thing sideways…  Thanks You!), and social media sites like Facebook are now littered with iPhone images and videos.

So, what’s the takeaway?…

Well, actually there a few.

  1. iPhones (or smartphones in general) are ubiquitous
  2. It seems there are a lot of people who like to take pictures of food 😉
  3. Smartphones are changing the way that people take pictures (and video)

How are SmartPhones Changing Photography?

Because of the advent of the smartphone and their ever improving cameras, there’s a whole generation of photographers who are learning to shoot in new ways.  People are now accustomed to using touch screens with Live View Capability, to using apps to edit their images, to easily sharing their creations between devices or via email and social media, and instantly backing up their work into the cloud.  This is why wifi connectivity is becoming the norm among new camera releases.  So far, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic recognize the trend and are leading the way in the wifi revolution.  Samsung have already released a Galaxy Camera that runs on the Android Jellybean OS, Sony’s NEX 5R and NEX 6 have wifi connectivity also run Sony’s  PlayMemories app system, and Panasonic now have 3 wifi capable cameras that can be controlled by the Lumix Link App – the flagship Lumix GH3 and the new Lumix GF6 and Lumix G6.   The latter two are also equipped with Near Field Communication, a bump to share feature which provides instant connectivity and instant sharing with similarly equipped devices.

What now?…

Look for other camera companies to jump on the wifi bandwagon in a hurry, if they haven’t already, and as wifi and app systems evolve, look for the advent of Smart Cameras that will more fully integrate the functionality of a smart phone with the image making power of today’s cameras.  One thing is for certain, the sky is the limit where wifi and apps are concerned, and any camera that has these capabilities also has the potential to become a better camera than it was the day your purchased it.  These are exiting times!


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