How to Achieve a Cool Color Splash Effect in a Black and White Photo

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Pulling out one specific color from a black and white image is one of the coolest photographic effects you can get, and nowadays, it’s easier than ever to do.  In the video above, Howard Pinsky shows you how to achieve the effect using Adobe Photoshop CS6, but did you know you can easily achieve the exact same effect without any Photoshop skills or post processing of your images whatsoever?

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then check out the image below:


This photo was taken with a Panasonic Lumix LX7 on a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Buffalo NY just a few days ago, but this time the cool color splash effect was achieved quickly and easily in camera…  that’s right, no Photoshop!  All I had to do was turn on the camera’s One Touch Color Filter, select the color that I wanted to isolate and presto…  Instant Color Splash!

The Lumix LX7 is a powerful image making machine (and it’s currently on sale for only $298 USD!), but you can also find creative filters loaded on to many of today’s mirrorless cameras, from entry level all the way up to the top tier models, and they work in both photo and video mode.   While I’ve been personally using Adobe Photoshop for over 16 years and love it for the powerful image manipulation tool that it is, sometimes it’s nice to know that you have tools like these creative filters at your disposal to allow you to free up your time, get out from behind the computer and go out to make more images.  So if your camera has features like this loaded onto it, be sure to take ’em out for a spin.  You might be surprised at how easy it can be to get some great looking images.

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