How To Make an Independent Movie – Some Sound Advice

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We’ve heard it said before that experience is the best teacher – as long as it’s someone else’s experience.  So for all you aspiring indie filmmakers out there, here’s some great experience and advice to tap into from an independent filmmaker who shares the good, the bad and the ugly of getting his production off the ground and into distribution.

Independent Filmmaker Tom Durham recently sat down with the folks over at Red Giant and gave some excellent advice on filming your very own independent movie. This is something about which Tom knows a lot as has spent the last several years creating an indie sci-fi film called 95ers: Echoes, during which time he has endured both highs and lows. Tom’s biggest piece of advice?…  “Whatever you do, don’t go into debt!”

Tom discusses how he traveled the gauntlet of indie film production from idea to distribution, which can require not only a great deal of time but a great deal of money as well.  So Tom explains how using services like Kickstarter can really help in preventing you from experiencing a ton of undue stress while also helping you to connect with your audience. He also goes over some experiences he had working with visual effects and the importance of planning.

Kudos to Tom and all those with the courage to stick to their dreams!

For more on 95ers: Ehoes, visit Their WebsiteFacebook Page and Youtube Channel

Check out the film trailer below…

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