How To Photograph Light Trails – Long Exposure Photography

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Light Trails, or the streaky red glow of auto tail lights in your images, is one of the most popular effects in photography.  It’s also one of the easiest effects to create, provided you follow a few simple techniques.

Here’s a great tutorial on How To Photograph Light Trails, courtesy of the folks over at PictureCorrect.

All you’ll need is a tripod (or a way to keep your camera steady to avoid blurry images) and a camera that will allow you to adjust it’s shutter speed.  Find a place near a road (where you won’t get hit by passing traffic ~_^) and position yourself so that the background looks cool too.  This also works well if you can find a spot on an overpass or building high above the traffic.  Now go out, experiment, and enjoy!

166266825Here’s the Recommended Settings for Your Camera…

  • Shutter Priority mode
  • Shutter speed of 6 seconds (or use bulb mode–more on this below)
  • ISO as low as you can get it
  • Tripod (turn your image stabilizer off if using a tripod)
  • Shutter release cable or the camera’s two-second timer
  • You won’t be using a flash!
  • Optional: warm clothing, a torch to see what you are doing, extra person for security

(Read full tutorial on PictureCorrect)


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