How To Set Up Your Panasonic Lumix GH3 Like a BOSS Part III – JPEG Settings

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In Part III of his 4 part series on “How To Set Up Your Panasonic Lumix GH3 Like a BOSS”, MC Contributor and Hybrid Street Photography Ninja Giulio Sciorio ( and tackles the JPEG Settings on Panasonic’s new flagship camera.  JPEG for the WIN!

Giulio writes…

“The GH3 comes with 7 picture profiles, including a custom profile that you can build and store in camera for latter use. The JPEG settings covered in this video will give you a starting point to get the best color out of your stills and videos. In addition to the JPEG settings you can also change the captured aspect ratio, which when combined with the JPEG settings you’ll create offers you near infinite shooting settings.

Personally, I love to get a nice warm film-like look, one monochrome and a cool toned monochrome setting which I detail in this video.

What settings are working for you? Please share your tips in the comments below!”

Be sure to catch the rest of this video series, coming soon on MirrorlessCentral!

Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH3 Here


Camila says:

Definitely like the fact the camera can exnhcage lenses with EOS. Instead of having a line of different lenses if you have an EOS before and kept your lenses you don’t have to buy a whole outfit again.The only 1 disadvantage is the flash. For a few years have learn to live with the convenience of not having to carry a dedicated flash that many wedding photographers still use. For P&S especially you want a small box with everything built-in. An external flash may be small enough in your pocket but can be dropped or lost easily on vacation.Otherwise quality means everything. Have to see the sample shot enlargements to make the final decision.

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