Interview: Pro-Tog Jim Marks Discusses the Fujifilm X20, X100s and Why He Chose to Go Mirrorless

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WhatDigitalCamera interviews Pro Photographer Jim Marks about the new Fuji Fixed Lens Compact Cameras, the X-20 and X-100s.  (Part 1 of the interview is above, Part 2 is below)

Marks got his hands on a pre-production X100s and X20 and discusses what he likes about each as well as the advantages of mirrorless camera systems in general and why he chose to use Fuji X-Series cameras instead of his DSLR system. Enjoy!

Part II

My 2 Cents

For those of you who are regular readers here on MirrorlessCentral, you know that that he’s not exactly covering any ground that we haven’t already trod here in this space.  He’s just another in a long line of pro-togs who are discovering that smaller, lighter, less expansive but equally powerful and technologically advanced mirrorless camera systems are now able to do the same jobs as their larger and bulkier DSLR cousins, in many cases even better.

These new Fuji compact cameras are built on the success and popularity or their predecessors, the X-10 and X-100, and the new X-Trans II Sensors and EXR II Processing technology build upon the amazing image quality delivered by first generation X-Trans/EXR Tech and add improved high ISO performance and lightning fast autofocus into the mix.  Combined with the fact that Fuji also make superb lenses means that with the X-20 and X-100s, Fuji now have powerful and enticing entries in the enthusiast and pro-sumer fixed lens compact camera arena.

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murglescymru says:

Part1 – Nothing to do with the X20 at all!!

kazcnepj says:

you guys have to work on your audio

WhatDigitalCamera says:

Over looking the South bank in London. Good view isn’t it.

Douglas Pavani says:

can i ask you guys where this interview took place?

koxa74 says:

Fujifilm and Pentax are making some of the best cameras at the moment!

Sile H says:

this video is not about any camera this is an interview about that dudes job

Elaine Dudzinski says:

I loved the guy’s enthusiasm for the cameras, but a little more info would have been nice…and helpful.

Douglas Pavani says:

shit video guys thanks a bunch

Douglas Pavani says:

omfg this guy sounds soooo biased, i know that he is getting paid for that otherwise he wouldn’t get a pre production model

Dmitry Brodsky says:

the other 5 minutes is a waste of time, he does not review specifics about X20, instead just talking about how great Fuji is. Waste of everyone’s time

Johnathan Evans says:

His sideburns look as vintage as the fuji,

Simon Harris says:

The title of this video is very misleading. It is not a review it is an interview with someone who has used the camera’s but chooses not to say anything noteworthy about them. Absolute bait, unsubscribed.

theTechnoclast says:

I know what they’re going for with this interview thing but I wish they would just go on with the review. Some of us don’t really need a primer on mirrorless cameras and/or compact enthusiast cameras.

The entire 5 minutes I’ve been watching, there hasn’t been a mention of what the X20 is like or how its different to the X10. Or if its improved or not. Same goes for the X100S.

FuzzyWasHeBear says:

I tried that method of focusing before on the X-Pro1 but the focus point doesn’t adjust for parallax error done this way and I find that too useful to give up.

Dani says:

Zoltan Patkos / 2 years ago the MILC segment was falriy new with only some competitors. Those days NX was cheap and better than competitors. It seemed Samsung takes NX seriously and wants to become one of segment leaders. Today it is obvious that Samsung fell behind in product development, OLED becomes widespread soon, EVFs improved a lot, image of big names is rock solid, sensor technology left Samsung behind. And today even Hasselblad is intending to enter MILC market, so competiton is as tough as in DSLR segments.I like my NX, but I do not believe in fairy tales any more in photography. Samsung focuses on mobile phone cameras, there they have a chance to stay on top. NX is just a nice to have in their current portfolio. I am ready to upgrade as long as they bring to market some hot cake at a reasonable price.The NX20 is far too expensive and not a huge step forward. I am eager to see what NX-R is all about.

Tej says:

Mathieu De Renzis / I’m a beginner ameiruatsh photographer (NX100 at the moment).I wouldn’t be that rude. The elements that make the NX system attractive are still there, despite the news that are actually not so “photography” oriented (like Android, not essential, but could be a good feature and it doesn’t imply that photo features will be left apart).Sorry, I disagree, a good EVF (or, less important, a tilt-screen) is something that does matter in photography, even if it’s not a sensor or a lens.Two more (good-quality apparently) lenses are added to the best and cheapest mirrorless lenses lineup.We’ll have NX-20 and NX-200 (which have nothing to really envy to competitors) replacements not right know, but in a few months. They are likely to be good models, like predecessors were.Autofocus and sensors are a little bit behind competitors? Yes.Does it mean that I (not a professional sport photographer) can’t take good pictures and that the NX system has no advantages over Canon and Nikon? No.As the NX-200 was a clear improvement over NX-100, will the NX-300 be better? Probably yes.

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