Is GH2 a Mirrorless Bargain? – Ask Will Crockett

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MC Contributor Will Crockett ( answers another reader question, this time about the Panasonic Lumix GH2, which you can now get for about $750 USD with a kit lens ($650 Body Only) – this is a HUGE BARGAIN!

Here’s what Crockett says:  The Lumix GH2 that we are so fond of here in my studio is being replaced by the highly touted GH3. That means the GH2 is now priced at closeout and really is a bargain.

Our take:  The Panasonic Lumix GH2 has been one of the most celebrated cameras of the last two years since it debuted in 2010, especially for video shooters.  In fact, in a blind test against a wide range of cameras (including $90,000 Movie Studio Cameras) held by camera accessory company Zacuto, the GH2 was selected as having the best image quality by Hollywood Luminaries like Francis Ford Copolla.

If you were to buy a GH2 a year ago, you would have spent well over $1,000 USD.  If you’re looking to get a great camera and you have a video first mentality (and you don’t have the cash to spend right now to get a GH3), then we highly recommend the GH2.  You’ll love the results that you get from this camera, and if/when you’re ready to move up to a GH3, you can use the same lenses.

Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH2 Here


whit coburn says:

I’m looking at buying either the G5 or the GH2. They are both in my price range. My question is this: why would someone buy a G5 vs a GH2? Is the G5 better at stills? I understand that the GH2 is better at video. Thanks for all of the great info. Whit (Vermont)

Great Question, Whit!

My question to you would be this… What do you plan to use the camera for?

While the G5 ostensibly has the same sensor as the GH2, that sensor is now powered by Panasonic’s new Venus Processing Engine and gets much better results. The G5 has in-camera HDR (Combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range), can create panoramas in-camera, shoots faster (20fps vs 5fps), it has better maximum light sensitivity (12,800 ISO vs 6,400 ISO – although I wouldn’t go above 3,200), more dynamic range, and better color depth in a smaller, thinner and lighter package.

If your goal was to shoot mostly video, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending a GH2, which has more control in video mode and more pro features, like an external microphone jack and HDMI Live Out in video mode (so you can hook up external monitors while shooting), and you can now get at a bargain price. But if you want to incorporate more stills, then go for a G5, which in my opinion, is a much better all around camera. It’ll pop out beautiful high quality stills and Full AVCHD 1080/60p video with 1080 30p MP4 recording option (great for shooting videos for the web).

BTW – I currently own (and LOVE) a G5 and have shot extensively with a GH2. I went with the G5 because I want to have a better balance between stills and video in my shooting, and the G5 is easier to use (and learn), has a better touch screen and EVF, and is loaded with all kinds of creative filters and scene modes that I’ve been having a great time using!

Hope this helps — SG

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